This past weekend, Mason and I headed south to Houston to visit his extended family who had made the trip down from Abilene & Witchita Falls. We had lots of pool time, food, wine and fun but are so glad to be back in Dallas. No more weekend trips for us for a little while...it's def fun to travel but it always makes the weekends seem so short! Here are a few snapshots from our weekend:
Mason's grandmother got all of the ladies matching pj's, bet your jealous... ;) (From L to R: moi, M's mom, grandmother, aunt and cousin)
I went to Hobby Lobby and got some beads to make the girl's some bracelets (we needed a nice and quiet, indoor activity) ;) and they were a big hit. (Note: In a previous post, I wrote about Abbey (middle, in this picture) being diagnosed with Kawasaki Disease. Just wanted to update you that she is doing much better and should make a full recovery!!)
After spending a full 24 hours with the kiddos, by the time Saturday evening came around it was time for some "adult" time. So Mason, Cameron and I and some friends headed to a new club in Houston called "Ei8ht". It was pretty bumping and again... a good time was had by all! ;)
We had fun visiting M's fam, but again, it's good to be back and I'm looking forward to a few relaxing weekends at home in the Big D! :)


  1. wow! looks like such a great family fun time! I'm so glad Abbey is doing better. I'm glad you are back :) Hope you have a nice start to your week.

  2. Look at the cute matching pajamas girls! how creative of you to make jewelry together. i bet that was fun. i always love seeing what fun you and m are up to.