And the Award Goes To...

I would like to thank Allison @ A Little Bit of Everything for giving me my first ever blog award! I started out blogging just to have an online diary of sorts, but I'm glad to have made so many bloggy friends with such fun blogs for me to enjoy while killing time at work! :)Here are the terms I must abide by to accept my award:
To accept an award, please link back to the person who gave you the award and list 7 things about you! We all want to know more about our blogger friends. Finally, feel free to pass along your award to other fabulous bloggers like you.

So here goes, 7 things that you may or may not know about yours truly...

1.) I am desperately trying to find a middle school math teaching position for the 2009-2010 school year. I recently got certified to teach Math 4th-8th grade and have applied to like 15 school districts. Seems like it should be a piece of cake to get a teaching job, especially a math one - but the economy is making it a very competitive year and at the same time lots of school districts are cutting their budgets and trying to get by with fewer teachers. Anyway, so this is a big stress in my life right now, please say prayers, cross your fingers or do a rain dance for me....whatever works! Thanks! ;)

2.) I used to say that summer was my favorite time of the year but I have recently decided that it is actually the fall. I love football season (esp. TEXAS football), Halloween (my favorite holiday) and the cooler (non 100 degree) temps.

3.) I used to be really involved in my sorority during college. I was the Social chair and also helped out a lot during rush. I think all of that participation burned me out though, bc now I only do the bare minimum required of me with any social organization I am apart of.

4.) However, I do love planning parties and entertaining, especially when there is a theme
involved (thus, my love for Halloween)!

5.) Mason and I knew each other in college, but were just friends (he actually dated one of my pledge sisters for awhile). He definitely had a crush on me by our senior year though and one night when we were out on 6th street (at a bar called Mooseknuckle) he bought me a shot of tequilla and we kissed. He says it was because I had the hots for him, I said it was because I wanted free drinks... anyway, the rest is history... ;)

6.) I used to be in drill team during high school. I very much miss being able to learn new dance routines and perform them at half time or at pep rallies. Those were the days...

7.) When I was younger we used to have a brazilian nanny named Elsie who barely spoke english and we would watch spanish soap operas all day long. I also taught her how to ask my dad for a raise!

I would also like to pass this award along to Cee @ Curiosity for being such a great blogger! :)


  1. I hope you getting a teaching job. Teaching is so rewarding to me although it can be stressful. If you're in a good school, you'll love it. Best wishes. Rain dance to come.

  2. aww thanks! I just did this one but no one really tagged me...one of my blog friends tagged everyone so I stole it out of boredom...I'm going to add a shout to you next to the award on my blog though!