Just one of those days...

So, the past 24 hours have been full of bad luck, annoying situations and near disasters... I'll start with the least awful and work my way to the grande finale...

1.) I am sick of eating Kashi Go Lean cereal EVERY single morning in an attempt to attain a banging bod. Sooo, today I created a culinary masterpiece. An egg white, tomato and parmesean cheese omelet. I carefully chopped and prepped my food and then waited 13 minutes while it cooked. Then I placed it on my plate and walked swiftly over to the silverware drawer to pick out a fork. AND...of course, my entire, delictable omelet slides off my plate onto the dirty kitchen floor mat! Uggghhh, looks like another bowl of Go Lean for me....

2.) Last night, I started packing for my trip back to the ATX for my friend's bachelorette party. I have been out of town a lot recently and had some laundry to catch up on. Well I put this dress that I had gotten from Nordstrom, that I planned on wearing out this weekend, (and only wore once, briefly) in the gentle cycle, by itself, to be washed. It is a black and white dress. The top half is black cotton and the skirt part is white linen. I took it out afterwards to let it hang dry AND the colors bled somehow and the white portion now has pinkish purple polka dots on it!!! I def didnt get my money's worth out of that one... :(

3.) And for the big one!! Mason was driving on a country road yesterday evening and a car was headed directly towards him, so to avoid being hit he swerved a little bit off the road, hit some kind of a ditch and then crashed head first into a tree!!! Fortunately he was not hurt, but his car is TOTALLED! He is always having something go wrong with that car and has spent so much money getting it fixed, and now it is donesky! AND to add insult to injury, a cop who arrived at the scene gave him a $250 ticket for driving recklessly!! Seriously?!?!? So, it would have been a better idea to play chicken with the other driver and ram right into him??

PSH, let's hope our brush with bad luck is over for the day, bad things come in three's right?


{Channel} Surfing this Summer

Now that the days are getting longer and the usual tv show favs have concluded for the season, it's time to find some alternative mindless entertainment. Most shows that air during the summer to fill the seasonal gap aren't the best...however here are a few jewels that are sure to entertain...

Entourage (premieres sometime in late August on HBO)

This gang of Hollywood wanna-bes are always finding themselves in some pickle or otherwise hilarious scenario. Ari (Jeremy Piven), their agent, has some of the best one-liners around and Vince (Adrian Grenier) is HOT!

Project Runway (premieres August 20 on Lifetime)The next (and much overdue) season of this fashion reality show, featuring the likes of Heidi Klum and Tim Gunn, is making the move from Bravo to Lifetime. Let's hope it's just as fab as it used to be. "Make it work..."

So You Think You Can Dance (premieres May 21 on FOX)

This might not be one for everyone, but for any of you dance enthusiasts out there the talent on this show is usually pretty amazing!!

Weeds (premieres June 8 on Showtime)

I LOVE this show!!! So great! Kind of like Desperate Housewives, if any of the Desperate Housewives sold weed to support their family... A must see for sure!

Tori & Dean -Home Sweet Hollywood (premieres May 26 on Oxygen)

This is another one that might not be for everyone, but I personally love it! I think that Tori & Dean have a really cute relationship and I was a big fan of 90210 back in the day so it's good to see what 'ol Donna is up to these days without Daddy's money!!

Happy Channel Surfing...

Mem Wknd 2K9

Well, it was another successful Memorial Weekend celebrated in Austin, TX this year! The weather wasn't perfect (it rained both Saturday and Sunday and of course was perfect sunshine on Monday when we left) but we still managed to enjoy the weekend out on the lake! Friday night we dined at Imperia, a yummy sushi restaurant downtown, and then met up with lots of friends at Speakeasy. Saturday was spent lounging around at the lake house. On Sunday, we went to the 3rd annual KB Fest 2K9 (our friends rent a huge party barge for their birthdays every year during memorial weekend) and had so much fun!! Now I am just recovering from all of the cuts, bruises, and soreness that go hand in hand with lake fun & binge drinking for 3 days straight! However, I'm headed back on Friday to the ATX for my friend Caroline's Bachelorette Party!!! YAY! :)


Memorial Weekend

In just a few short hours I'll be heading southbound on 35 to the great town of Austin, TX. Our friends have an awesome house out on Devil's Cove that we will be staying at! Here was the view from their balcony last memorial weekend : Can't wait!! Hope everyone has a fun and safe weekend!!! Also, special thanks to all of our troops abroad! Especially my favorite soldier, Gregg, who is currently over in Iraq! Miss you!!

New Shoes!!

Last night I journeyed into Northpark in search of some cute wedges for summer that can be worn with lots of different outfits.

I found these:

Aren't they just the cutest!?! I think so! :)


I'm Baaaaaaack!

I had a wonderful time while visiting sunny Las Vegas this past week. We even decided to extend our stay an extra night (which may or may not have been a good idea... I'm sure my liver was not in favor of staying...)

Some of the highlights of my trip include:

Sitting seventh, row center at the Jimmy Buffett concert held at the MGM Grand

Checking out XS (a fun new club at the Wynn)

Enjoying a massage at the magnificent Bellagio Spa

and.... Winning $322 at the Craps table!

Oh Vegas, how I love thee....

Girl's Night (again)!

Since Mason is constantly out of town now for work I have been having a ton of girl's nights out! The latest and greatest was held at Terilli's on Greenville. It is a cute little italian restaurant where different jazz bands play every night. I am not a huge fan of italian food and the atmosphere is probably better suited for date night than girl's night - but nonetheless a good time was had by all...

Evidence of good times:



Happy 1/2 to my love...

So, you may think it is strange, but... I enjoy celebrating people's half birthdays! Maybe celebrating is the wrong term because it's not like I go all out with a birthday cake, balloons, or expensive gifts. I just think it is fun to acknowledge that you are at the half-way point to your next birthday! Just another fun thing to put on your calendar or to give yourself a reason to grab a drink or go out to dinner! When I am a mom someday, I fully intend on celebrating 1/2 birthdays with my kiddos whether it be with a cupcake from Sprinkles or a non-expensive, small gift. Anyway, this Sunday will be my boyfriend, Mason's, half birthday. The big 25.5! Mason works for an oil and gas company and has been overseeing a big drill project for the past few weeks and probably for a few more weeks to come so I haven't seen too much of him lately (he only gets to come home on Sundays)... aaannnddd since I'll be in Vegas this weekend I will not get to see him for 2 weeks! So, I wanted to wish him a very Happy 25 1/2 Birthday in advance! I love you and I promise to be good in Vegas! :)

PS: Happy 1/2 B-day to Cameron too (Mason's twin brother)!!!


Cuz PINK it's my favorite color...

I popped into good ol' reliable Forever 21 yesterday hoping to find a few cute coverups for hanging out poolside while vacationing in the Vegas. First of all, I guess I'm not up on the trends - because the whole lower floor is decked out in 80's inspired fashions - - like neon colored windshorts, sweatbands and acid colored jeans... no thank you. However, as I ascended to the second floor, I was greeted with some presh coverup dresses, jackpot! The best part of my trip though was that Forever 21 has ditched their trademark fugly yellow bags in favor of some fabulous electric hot pink bags! I wasn't even embarassed to flaunt my XXI purchase around the likes of Northpark Mall, because my hot pink bag was just so darn cute! Anyway, this def doesn't qualify as major breaking news or anything.... it just brightened my day a little. ;)


Sin City

Guess where I just found out that I am going this weekend!?!?

VEGAS BABY!!!!! :)

My boss' best friend is going for the big real estate convention that is going on next week and extended the invitation to he and I to join, so from Saturday until Tuesday I will be living it up in the city of sin! Hopefully I'll bring home some dinero too! ;) Also, I just checked out the weather for the weekend...

Saturday: 96*


Monday: 105*

Tuesday: 98*

105 degrees! Ahhhh, I can feel the sun baking my skin already - fabulous!!!

Better start deciding which bikinis to bring!! ;)

Birthday Mondays = Hungover Tuesdays

Last night we celebrated the birth of our dear friend Adrian! We had a group dinner at Cyclone Anaya's (yum) and then proceeded to tear up the dance floor at the Slip-Inn! The margs at Cyclone's definitely gave us all a little (ok, a lot of) liquid encouragement! Adrian was a little hesitant to really party it up because today she had to drive to Houston where she and her dance crew will be trying out for America's Got Talent! However, after a few birthday shots Adrian displayed said talent for us out on the dance floor and gave us a little sneak preview of what we will get to see if they advance, so keep you fingers crossed for the birthday girl!!! Gooo Adrian, Happy 27th B-day!!! :)

Rain, Rain Go Away

Is it just me or has it been raining, drizzling or foggy every freaking day for like a month!? I am so sick of this weather! Where is the beautiful, sunny warmth of May?? Oh and I cant put the windows back on my Jeep (the zipper thing is stuck), so every day my hair gets totally frizzed on my drive to work no matter how much time I take to straighten it before leaving... SO annoying!!