Day Off

My boss just told me that he is exhausted from a long week and that we can have the day off tomorrow!!! Yippee! A surprise 3-day weekend! I just love those!!! Now how shall I spend my Friday?




my personal favorite, Sleeping...

Decisions, decisions... :)


Skinny Girl Margarita

So after Idol, I tuned into my favorite trainwreck masterpiece of a show, The Real Housewives of New York. This show is absolutely ridiculous and I love every second of it! I mean sometimes their cat fights are so uncomfortable I feel embarassed for them. Especially the ones between Bethenney and Kelly, yowzers! I am so sad that next week is the finale!

Anyway, last night while Bethenney was on a date with Mr. Hot-Ex Model-Frenchie they ordered her infamous Skinny Girl Margarita. I am currently reading Bethenney's diet book "Naturally Thin" and wanted to share the recipe as a "healthy" alternative that can be sipped poolside this summer.

Skinny Girl Margarita
Serves 1

  • 2 ounces white (clear) tequilla (100 percent agave). Count 1,2 (or 3,4,5...) while you pour; no need for measuring
  • Large splash of fresh lime juice, or 4 lime wedges
  • Tiny Splash of orange or citrus liqueur
  • A splash of club soda to lighten it, optional
Combine all ingredients over a glass of ice and stir. You may also garnish the rim with sugar.

Yum! Happy Hump-day! Oh and this will be my last reality tv show post of the day... I do have a life in case you were wondering... ;)


This year the contestants on Idol are so talented! Much more so than in years past I think.... My three favorites, in no particular order, are ... Allison Iraheta, Kris Allen & Adam Lambert! They always pick such good songs and I must admit, I have a tiny little crush on Kris! Don't tell Mason... ;) Last night was an especially great night on Idol as they had to sing songs from the Rat Pack era. Allison & Kris both played songs that I abs. love!! Here are clips from their performances:

Adam was great too, as always. Just didn't love his song as much as I loved these two! Anyway, let's hope these 3 stay safe this week!


Pub Crawling for Cancer!

This past Saturday was the Crawl for Cancer pub crawl event in Uptown Dallas. This is an event where teams made up of 10-12 people are assigned 5 different bars to go to and at each bar your team is given 4 pitchers of beer. Then at the end of the day there is an after party where all of the teams meet up with an unlimited supply of more free beer. (Not that anyone needs any more beer after consuming 20 pitchers of beer, but for those who just couldn't get enough it was available...) Anyway, we had a lot of fun walking along McKinney Avenue, playing flip cup tournaments at the bars, and drinking for a good cause! We, appropriately, dubbed ourselves as Team Slurricane as the entire day was somewhat of a whirlwind!
Our 2009 bar lineup:
1. Gingerman
2. Tribeca
3. Liar's Den
4. Madison
5. Uptown Bar & Grill


Pink Bubbly

My dear friend Ashley, who also follows this blog, asked me if I knew how Pink Champagne was actually made. To be honest, it is only my blog name because well... I like pink and I like champagne... so of course pink champagne sounds simply divine! Well Ms. Ashley took it upon herself to research just how pink champagne gets it's coloring. These are her findings:

"Champagne is made from four different grapes. These are Chardonnay, Pinot Noir, Pinot Meunier and Pinot Gris. Usually it's the first two grapes that are used in the most volume.

Chardonnay is a white wine grape - but pinot noir is a red wine grape! So how come all Champagne is not pink? The answer is in the way a grape works. Grapes are all white on the inside. It's only the outside skin that has any color. You can make a white wine out of a red grape! You would just remove the skins immediately so that there was no red color added to the wine liquid. An example is white zinfandel. Zinfandel is a red grape. To make a white zinfandel, they just let the skins stay on the liquid for a short while. That lets a small amount of the tint from the red skin color the wine liquid, giving it a nice blush color.

So normally when they make a Champagne, even though they use "red grapes", they take the skin away immediately so that none of the red color from the skin affects the overall color of the Champagne liquid. In order to make a Champagne a pink Champagne, all they have to do is let the skins sit with the liquid for a short while. The longer it sits together, the more pink the liquid becomes.

Pink Champagne was made famous in the movie An Affair to Remember, when both of the lead romantic actors fall in love with each other and share their love of the pink bubbly. In Hotel California, they like to drink "Pink Champagne on Ice".

Thanks for your help Ash! Bottoms up!


Caroline & Trey's Wedding Shower

Over Easter weekend, my very good friend's Trey and Caroline had their "couples" wedding shower in Houston! I was so excited to see some of my college girlfriends that I had not seen in awhile - - and even more excited to have the opportunity to drag Mason along with me (he was a good sport though)! The shower was cowboy themed and they served up some yummy bbq... although I spent most of my time hanging out by the wine station... ;) Anyway, just wanted to share some pics from the shower. Caroline & Trey are getting married June 13th and I am a bridesmaid! So excited! I am never the bridesmaid (or the bride for that matter...ahem, Mason...), until NOW! :) Can't wait!

Mason and me at the Shower

Liz (fellow bridesmaid) and me


Tonight I'm Taking My Top Off

Hey hey, get your mind out of the gutter! I'm talking about the top to my Jeep Wrangler people!

Spring is finally upon us and weather.com has nothing in store for Dallas but blue and sunny skies for the forseeable future! I have had this car since I was 16, my first and only car ever, and I'm pretty sure I will be getting rid of the ol' Jeep (I like to call her Cher after Alicia Silverstone's character in Clueless - the inspiration for my White Jeep purchase) sometime this fall.

This may very well be my last summer season driving around in a convertible top car and I intend to take full advantage of it. So, don't be jealous when I show up with perfectly wind blown hair and sun kissed shoulders - it's just a jeep thing, you wouldn't understand. Ha - I hate when Jeep people have that sticker on their car, but I felt it was appropriate to use in this instance. ;)


Operation: Get Skinny - Summer 2009

April will be over before we know it and bikini season is quickly approaching. Unfortunately I was bad all winter long (i.e. minimal trips to the gym and eating whatever I so desired) and have some major strides to make in my attempt to look like Gisele by Memorial weekend. Ok, not Gisele... I'll settle for Heidi Klum. What? Heidi Klum's pregnant? Perrrrfect!

Anyway, I'm back on the diet wagon and will be until I am confident enough to strut my stuff in my bikini without clutching to my towel for dear life. Last year I found this really good diet in US Weekly that really did the trick and I was able to shed some lbs before the start of summer. It is by no means a long term diet that anyone who enjoys the act of eating could ever stick to, but it is a good guide to follow if you want to lose some quick weight.

Here is the link to the diet plan followed by the likes of Gwenyth Paltrow and Madonna that I found in Us Weekly. Basically you can not eat any dairy products, processed foods or sauces/spices and you are limited to one whole grain a day. Not very fun but it is definitely doable.

I bid farewell to junk food last night with some ice cream from Wild About Harry's to see me off. Now it's leafy greens and tuna fish until June! Wish me luck! Hopefully that skinny bitch that you're checking out at the pool this summer will be me! :)


My Life!

And now...

the moment you have all been waiting for....

it is with great excitement that I would like to welcome you to.... my very first blog!!!

I decided that it was time to stop merely reading other people's blogs and have now created my very own. I hope to entertain you with the many ups and downs, triumphs and humiliations, good times and bad that make up my daily life. I am mostly making this so that friends and family can stay in touch and get updates on whats going on in Dallas.

Anyway, hope you all enjoy! Let the blogging begin...