Here's What You Missed...

I am a bad blogger. This we know. So sorry. Here are some tidbits you should know to get all caught up.

*24 days left of school until SUMMER! Thank the Lord! My patience is wearing very thin these last few weeks of school.

*Mason and I went to Austin two weekends ago and we booked our venue and picked out a church! We will officially be getting married in Austin, TX next June 30, 2012 on our 5 year anniversary!

* I also tried on wedding gowns for the first time while in Austin! Lots of pretty ones to choose from. I love the first one I tried on the best, but am going to go a few more places before making my big decision.

* I am completely overwhelmed by my summer plans. I will barely have any time to just relax. I am going to New York, Vegas and Jamaica as well as going to 3 weddings, being a bridesmaid, throwing showers, trying to plan my own wedding, going to mandatory week long school training, and going to two cheer camps...

* Oh yeah, did I mention I am now the new 7th grade cheerleading coach at my school! It'll be fun, but right now just feels like one more obligation...

* I am super excited about the Royal Wedding and am going to try to wake up early to catch the action!

* I'm desperately trying to lose like 8 lbs before summer starts... I'll let you know how it goes. I really just started on Monday....after eating half of a carrot cake that I made on Easter Sunday. Oops.

* Mason and I are having an Engagement Party on May 21st! So excited to kick off our wedding festivities!

Ok, I think you are all caught up now. Have a happy weekend!!


Wedding Daydreams

I know it's early.

Ok, maybe it's really early! But already my thoughts are beginning to be consumed by everything wedding.

Our wedding is still over a year away, yet I find myself spending hours at a time creating my our wedding slideshow. Picking out linens for my our wedding reception and deciding on the perfect hairstyle for my our big day. Oops, I don't mean to be so me, me, me about everything, but I know Mason will be happy with whatever (excluding the DJ, cake flavors and what he has to wear - all of which he has very strong opinions about)...

Mason and I are going to Austin next weekend to put the deposit down on our reception venue, pick a church and I am also going to try on wedding dresses with my mom and godmother - just for fun for now, maybe... ;) but I can just see myself falling in love with the first dress I try on.

What do you all think about Reese's light pink dress?
Personally, I'm a big fan! I think it is absolutely gorgeous... and clearly I am a pink kind of a gal!

Ok, well I hope you all have a fantastic week and I'll try to clear my head of daydreams of tulle and champagne toasts! No promises though... ;)