My Birthday List!

A Very Important Announcement:

My 25th Birthday is quickly approaching (August 18th)...only 27 more days!!! That's less than 4 weeks people! It's time to get to shopping for the birthday girl (ME) :) ....and also time for me to make my annual birthday list of things that I have been eyeing...

Here goes:
1.) An iPOD nano (in pink please...duh). It's time for me to finally make the upgrade from my much beloved iPOD mini that I have had since my 21st birthday.
2.) An iPOD dock/speakers. It's hard for me to dance around the house or whistle while I work without the luxury of a dock that can be placed in any room of the house! A must have accessory to compliment my potentially new nano! ;)
3.) Venice Mirror from Z Gallerie. I loooove Z Gallerie and could soo deck out my house from floor to ceiling with goodies from there - heck I'd move into their store if they'd let me. Anyway, I have been eyeing this beauty from afar for awhile now and think that it would be lovely in my bedroom above my dresser! Mason thinks I have enough mirrors...psh, but what does he know! 4.) Black clutch purse. I surprisingly don't own one and it is such a fashion staple! I would adore a Tory Burch one, but I'll try not to be too high maintenance this year! Just a simple one will do (for now...) ;)
5.) "Influence" by Ashley and Mary Kate Olsen. I've thumbed through this book and it is pretty cool. It would make a great addition to my stack of coffee table books!

6.) Nike Running Shorts. Can never have too many of these. I need a few new variety of colors, bc I'm getting tired of the ones I have... Maybe new workout gear will motivate me to work out more often. That's only a maybe though... ;)7.) Scale. I don't own one of these either... in the past I've always just had a roomie who has had one so I never needed one. This might also encourage more time spent at the gym! And Mason, I would advise that you NOT get me this for my bday... thanks! ;)
and in case anyone is feeling really generous this year...

I'll take one of these:

8.) A White Volkswagen Jetta. I think these are so cute! And it's just about time to trade in the 'ol Jeepster for an upgrade!

Happy Shopping! ;)


  1. thats a great birthday list.....lol yeah I agree, Mason should not wrap #7 in pretty pink paper for you lol :)

  2. Excellent list...I hope you get it all ;)

    I have a Jetta and I just love it, but be aware they are very expensive to maintain! It costs like 60 bucks for an oil change! Other then that they are awesome. Mine is "salsa red" (with a large scratch at the moment)

  3. That's the car i'm thinking about getting....but in black! We could be twins! -Jill

  4. Hello, that's my within-reach-dream car... but mine will be black. As soon as I get a raise!
    Also... I bought Influence for my sister, she LOVES.