Geisha House, Joule & PM

I had a really fun girl's night out on the town Friday evening. To start, the gals and I dined (and had many Sake enhanced cocktails) at a brand new Dallas restaurant called Geisha House. It is similar to a Benihana restaurant and they also serve sushi and stuff. It was ok, but there are def way better sushi places in Dallas, in my opinion.

{Tara, Brittany and JJ}

{Holly, Adrian and Me}

After, dinner we went to the Joule Hotel downtown and had some cocktails poolside out on the rooftop. It was so neat because we were right in the middle of downtown and were surrounded on all sides by skyscrapers. Very posh.. ;) Then, once we had all secured a major buzz we headed downstairs to the basement of the Joule where they have a club called PM. It was also very swanky and lots of fun! I am def a fan of the Joule establishment!

{the pool hangs over the side of the building... neat-o!!}

Mason even came and met up with me once girl's night became co-ed! :)

Well it seems that I might have over-indulged on Friday night because Saturday morning I woke up with a KILLER hangover! Seriously, one of the worst I have had in a long while. The kind that can only be cured with lots and lots of greasy food and MORE drinking. So, Mase and I joined some friends on Saturday at a charity flip cup tournament at a pool near our place. All in all it was a good weekend, and it was nice to let loose a little - since now it's back to studying for me!! Hope your weekend was fab too! I'm so ready for it to be Thursday!!! :)


  1. Looks like you had a blast! Gotta love girls nights :)