Date Night

Friday night, I took some time off from hitting the books and Mason and I had a little date night in Dallas by ourselves! First, we went to Texas de Brazil Express, which just opened up in Preston Center. It is a more economical version of the Texas de Brazil restaurant. They offer the same yummy meats, but you choose one of them and make a salad or sandwich out of it. Pretty tasty and a bargain! I will say though... they accidentally switched my sandwich with someone else's, so I had to have them make mine over again - bc I didn't want to eat one that someone else had touched (call me high maintenance but I don't like someone else's grubby paws feeling up my sammie). They told me I was the first mess up they have had since they opened (aren't I the lucky one)... ;) Then we went to the movies to see the Hangover. Ok, ok we were going to pull a junior high stunt and see Hangover first and then sneak into Bruno afterwards (what kind of an example will I be to my future students....). It didn't end up working out though bc Hangover was sold out, so we just had to go see Bruno instead. I was actually kind of glad though. I'm what you might call a "rule-follower" and the thought of sneaking into another movie was kind of stressing me out ("but what if we get caught", etc.)... :) Anyway, Bruno was highly entertaining. A little A lot raunchy, but very humorous! The rest of my weekend was spent being a little study bug!!! And then on Sunday night, I went to the ZZ Top /Aerosmith concert but I shall dedicate another post to that... Happy Monday!


  1. i was wondering how bruno was since i've heard it was kind of raunchy with nudity and such. i've heard mixed reviews. that makes me laugh that you were scared to "sneak in" and get caught. ha! i'm sure you'd get in serious trouble!

  2. I thought Bruno was hilarious!

    I have always kind of wanted to sneak into a movie but I am waaaay too much of a goodie goodie!

  3. I can't wait to hear about the the ZZ Top/Aerosmith concert! I used to be such a huge Aerosmith fan, and I would love to see them in concert.

    Ps: I passed on an award to you!