4 years...

I just got back last night from a wonderful trip to New York and can't wait to tell you all about my fabulous adventure. I will definitely fill you in with all the details. Today, however, I am busy celebrating my FOUR year anniversary with Mason! These years have been the best years of my life with Mase by my side! Words just can't express...
Even more incredible is that our wedding is now exactly ONE year away! Everything is starting to come together and I can not wait to be married to my love. We have had such a great time being engaged these last 4 months and I look forward to the day that we are husband and wife. I love you Mason! Happy 4 years and many, many more!


Summer Hiatus

You know what sucks? When you are just starting to enjoy your summer break and are getting used to sleeping in and then your school throws in a full week of training in the middle of June, just for fun. My school won some grant or something, so my principal decided we would use it by becoming an AVID campus and getting certified over the summer. I know, I know... it's a great thing for the school and I do get paid extra for going, so I will stop complaining I guess, blah.

I had a pretty nice little weekend. Friday, I had an all day pool party with some of the girls and I got absolutely burnt to a crisp, oops! Apparently sunscreen needs to be applied before the sun
melts your skin off... Then we reconvened for a girl's dinner. We went to Fireside Pies and halfway through enjoying my salad I realize that there is a dead fly on my plate. Tasty! So we
made out with some free apps, drinks, shots and I got a gift card for next time. Sometimes it pays to share your meal with a dead insect! ;)
Afterwards, we went to the grand opening of a new club in Dallas called Glass. It was a pretty good time, except that their A/C wasn't really doing the job for a hot summer's night of dancing, so we didn't stay too long!
Saturday, I had a full day of wedding dress appointments. My aunt came in town and she and my mom and I hit up a few boutiques. I found one dress that was pretty, but I'm holding out to see if I find my dream dress in New York next week. I feel certain that I will.
The rest of the weekend was just chill time, mentally preparing myself for training. I hope it is quick and painless. After that though my summer really kicks into high gear! New York, Houston, Vegas and Jamaica all within one month! Holy Smokes! Doesn't my principal know that he is interfering with my packing planning?! Rude! OK, folks have a happy Monday!


Amsale Girls

Last night was the series premiere of Amsale Girls on the WE network!
Why was I so excited about another reality show about a bridal salon selling wedding gowns? I mean hasn't that already been done....and then done again some more. Well the reason I tuned in is because my best friend/college roomie/sorority sister (and my soon to be Maid of Honor) is one of the show's stars! Lauren is a bridal consultant at Amsale in New York. The show focuses on the bridal consultants who work at the store and follow them as they sell upscale gowns while working to meet sales goals and also goes a little into their personal lives as well. (Lauren is on far right in picture below).
Adding to my excitement, I am going up to New York in 2 weeks to maybe, possibly pick out my wedding dress from her store! So exciting! So if you're looking for another bridal show to tune into on a Sunday night def make sure to catch this one! It is a lot better than Say Yes to the Dress or any of the other shows! I may be just a tad bit biased though!
Congrats Lauren! Soo proud of you!



You never leave home without them.

Why should your car?
*This is an actual car that I spotted at the Uptown Walmart Grocery Store.

Dallas, keeping it classy.

Happy Hump Day!


Cheerleaders and other headaches...

Ah, the first day of summer. Well, not quite. I did have to wake up at the crack of dawn this morning to go take the ESL certification exam. Did my school require this of me? No. The State of Texas? No. Do I just like racking up certifications for fun? No. Alas, my stupid teacher certification program is making me. Why? Because they are jerks. And the real kicker... if I don't pass it by August they are going to charge me $300 a month until I do pass it. Sooo ready to be done with this program. It's been one requirement after another that they keep tossing my way.
The test was muy dificil. Yes, dear reader, although I was blessed with some awesome spanglish skills, this test was no bueno - full of tricky situational questions and grammar rules... blah! Hopefully I passed. We'll see in about 3-5 days. After studying for this test though, I decided I have no desire whatsoever to enter grad school. My schooling days are over folks.

Oh and the testing site I went to was like checking into prison. I couldn't bring in anything, I had to be searched with a metal wand and then when I took my David Yurman bracelets off and set them on my desk because they kept clanking into the table, my proctor told me I wasn't allowed to take them off. Like I'm sure I had secret ESL test tips etched into the grooves of my bracelet. Psh.

So that was my morning in a nutshell. Let me tell you about yesterday...

Yesterday was a half-day at school for teachers to finish things up, turn in keys, textbooks, etc. I had my cheer girls come by to pick up their uniforms and practice outfits. Before they came, I asked last year's sponsor if she gave the girls her cell phone or anything for them to be able to contact her with questions, problems, etc. She said that she did. So against my better judgement, I gave 14 twelve year olds my cell phone # with strict instructions not to abuse it. So I'm sitting at home around 1:30pm trying to enjoy the start to my summer when ring, ring, ring...

Me: Hello?
Cheerleader #1: Ms. C?
Me: Yes
Cheerleader #1: I think I have the wrong uniform top, I think Cheerleader #2 has mine and I have hers.
Me: Ok, well why don't you just bring your top to camp in July and we will switch them out then. Will that work?
Cheerleader #1: Yes.
Me: Ok, great...bye

20 minutes later....ring, ring, ring...

Me: Hello?
Cheerleader #2: Ms. C?
Me: Yes
Cheerleader #2: I think Cheerleader #1 has my uniform top.
Me: Yes, I have already heard about it. Do you see C#1 very often?
Cheerleader #2: No
Me: Ok well you have two options. Either you two wait until July to switch tops or coordinate getting together and switching before then. Will that work?
Cheerleader #2: Ok
Me: Great, bye.

45 minutes later....ring, ring, ring...

Cheerleader #1's dad: My daughter, Cheerleader #1, did not get the correct uniform. We think Cheerleader #2 has her top.
Me: Yes sir, I have already talked to both girls and they can either wait to switch out at camp or meet up and do it before then.
Cheerleader #1's dad: That is not acceptable. I will not tolerate my daughter's uniform at someone else's house.
Me: Um, ok, well I'll be happy to give you cheerleader #2's phone number so that you can make plans to swap tops.
Cheerleader #1's dad: Ok fine.
Me: Her number is ###-###-####.
Cheerleader #1's dad: We also think Cheerleader #3 might have another piece of my daughter's uniform.
Me: Ok, here is her phone number. ###-###-####.
Cheerleader #1's dad: Ok, thank you. We'll be in contact.

So apparently my new job for the summer is Cheerleader Crisis Hotline.
FML. WWSSD? What would Sue Sylvester do?

Happy first day of summer! ;)


Last Day

Tomorrow is the last day of my first year of teaching.
Overall it was a great year.
I had a great team of teachers to work with.
I befriended many of my colleagues throughout the year.
My students TAKS test scores were pretty good.
I was asked to be the 7th grade cheer sponsor.
I was asked to be the new team leader of my team.
I just got an email today from our Asst. Principal asking if I would be apart of a committee next year to come up with ways of improving student discipline (chosen as one of only 6 teachers at my school).
I had some annoying students that I did not enjoy having in class.
But I had even more students that I did love having.
And best of all... I was rehired for next year! :)
So in a nutshell... I am very happy with my new chosen profession.
It was very much worth all of the early mornings,
the late night planning,
the whining kids
and the ton of paperwork.
The part I love the most is when my kids become big 7th graders next year, but still stop by my room in the morning for a hug or give me a smile and a wave in the hallway. :)

My first year was a great year.

Hoping for many more!