Silver and Stemware and China....Oh My!

What a lovely afternoon I have had. My boss, super-procrastinator extraordinaire, has several weddings in which he needs to buy gifts for. So my "job" for today is to round up all of their registries and find gifts for him to give. Sigh.... can this be my full time job please? It might seem a little crazy, but I have a slight obsession with wedding registries. I love perusing through the list of what couples have decided that they can not live without. Items on registries run the gamut from horrendous china settings in god-awful patterns to $325 Jo Malone candles from Neiman's. Seriously?! Also, did you know you can even register at Wal-Mart?? Who knew? I'd love to see what one of those registries looks like. I'm not sure why I find wedding registries so fascinating. I guess maybe because it gives you a little glimpse into the personal taste of a couple. Also, I am somewhat of a Susie Homemaker and my mother who grew up in Tyler, TX (think small town, with lots of old money) has always taught me to appreciate the finer things in life such as Waterford crystal and Herend china. So maybe it is only natural for me to day dream about getting to register for myself one day. Until then I will gladly stalk other's registries! ;)


  1. Profesional shopper- what a delight that would be! How much fun you must have had!

    ps- I adore your background! -e

  2. I so know what you're talking about. I go in the stores looking at the china, and it's embarrassing b/c I'm not engaged. They always think I'm a potential bride looking to register. No, I'm just a dreamer!

    OH, I put an award for you on my page.

  3. I am super jealous that you got to go shopping for work!

    I once saw a walmart registry...it was on the Duggar's website for the oldest son who recently got married (don't know if you watch the show but it is pretty crazy) anyways...they had registered for beef jerky!