Barbie Suite

Knowing what a true girly girl I am, Mason's brother, Cameron, sent me a link to the Palms hotel website (yes, the one in Vegas). They have themed suites that can be rented out for a pretty penny... you are probably most familiar with the Playboy Suite - thanks to the many Girls Next Door episodes that were filmed there. The newest themed suite, that really tickled me pink, is the Barbie Suite! How fun would it be to have your bachelorette party in the Barbie Suite!!! Super girly and a perfect place to bid ado to your single girl days. I think it is just too presh and I am going to start saving my pennies right away!! It's only $3000 a night (ha, what a bargain)! ;) I wonder if the suite comes complete with Barbie's wardrobe and a Ken to boot?