Off to a good start!

Well it's getting down to the wire and my Summer is practically over. Today I went up to my school to check on the status of my room and to do a little lesson planning with a few of the other math teachers. While I definitely have lots and lots to do before I will even be close to ready, there was a lot of good news today that got me excited to start the year. Such as:

*Our school district gave all employees a 1.5% pay raise for this school year. Not a ton, but better than no raise at all!

*Another 6th grade math teacher was hired and apparently she is young, blonde and slightly new to teaching! Yay! A potential buddy for next year! :)

*Our school replaced it's contract with Coca-Cola to one with Dr. Pepper! YES! Diet Dr. Pepper in the vending machines now! Yippee!

*I will have the same schedule as last year: teach 1st-5th period with 6th and 7th off! I love getting all of my teaching over with and having the rest of the day to relax/plan for the next day!

*My room is sparkling clean and ready for some serious decorating! :)

Umm think there were a few other things but those were my main moments of joy today!

Here's hoping that this will be an AWESOME school year! :)


Tommy's Digs

Here are some pictures I found over the weekend of Tommy Hilfiger's totally lux apartment. He and his fam reside atop the iconic Plaza Hotel in NYC! Ugh, I die! I'm especially in looveeee with their bedroom! Way to go Tom. I can call you Tom right? ;)

Happy Hump Day! :)


Congrats Galore!

Big Congrats to one of my very closest BFF's who got engaged over the weekend! So happy for you Jilly!!!
Congrats to Jill and Brian!
If anyone *cough, Mason, cough cough* wants to send some Bling my way I'd be just fine with that! Thanks! ;)


Heat wave!

It is flipping HOT outside! I can not remember a more miserable summer! Maybe because in my old life, I was passing my summer hours sitting in a freezing cold office. Now I am a prisoner to my apartment because it is TOO HOT to step foot outside.
No more morning runs for me, my level of sweatiness was getting embarrassing...

No more laying out. In order to prevent a total meltdown I have to fully submerge my head under water and my hair is freshly highlighted...

No more pretty straight hair. It is too hot to stand under a blow dryer for the required 10 minutes, so my hair has a funky "I-don't-care-what-my hair-looks-like" wave look to it.

Summer has always been my favorite time of the year, but not in this heat (and I'm even a cold-natured person)! Bring it Fall, I'm ready!


Celebrate Good Times!

This weekend we helped our friend Lezlie celebrate her 25th Bday! Friday night, we hung out at J Black's (Dallas' trendiest new bar ;)...

We seriously did not plan this color coordination, weird huh?
Me and some of the guys
Me with two of my best guy friends from college (shout out to John and Dustin!!) :)
Then on Saturday, we headed out to Lake Lewisville to continue the Bday festivities!

First thing was first, the Birthday Girl had to get "ICED"!
The whole party crew
All in all a fun weekend! Oh yeah, except on Saturday evening at 3AM Mason and I were awakened by a drunk driver crashing into a car on our street! It was parked right behind Mason's! His car ended up having a scratch on the bumper, but no big damage! The other car was not so lucky, especially since it was a hit and run! Craziness! Glad my car was parked in our gated parking section! Anyway... hope you all had a fun weekend too!


We Love Vampires (Unless They Live Above Us)

Last night we were supposed to go to the horse races again with Adrian and Sterling, but they ended up canceling on us. Since we were all dressed up with nothing to do, we decided to go see a movie. We went to go see Eclipse (Mason's choice, surprisingly). We are both Team Edward! Another surprise, I soooo thought Mase would be Team Jacob! Guess he's a lover not a fighter! ;)
Anyway, movies are such a freaking rip off these days! Our tickets cost $12.50 a piece!!! $2.50 more than normal because the movie was showing on some special screen. Looked like the same 'ol $hit to me, but whatev. Later, I ventured to the concessions to get a cup of water. I was willing to pay a little extra for a large cup, but they informed me I'd be charged the regular price of a large drink ($5.50)... um no thanks, you can keep your magic water... I'll go hit up the water fountain! Anyway, the movie was pretty good... prob the best Twilight movie so far!
So you probably thought we left the vampires at the movie theatres. Wrong-o my friends! I have neglected to tell you that we have vampires that live above us! Here are the facts supporting our theory:

1.) They are ALWAYS home during the day. (What no jobs?)
2.) I have only actually seen them at night.
3.) They are up ALL night.
4.) They are super loud, dropping things (dead bodies?) and clomping around back and forth on their squeaky wooden floors.

We all know vampires don't sleep. So our hours don't really mesh! We have been kept up many a night by their stomping about. Probably practicing for an invasion against the Volturi or something. Anyway, so this morning around 4am, they were up and at 'em as usual and at around 7am it started to sound like they were dropping bowling bowls on the ground! Well Mason had had it, so what did he ever so maturely do? Get a golf club and bang it on our ceiling. Great, Mase! While your safe at work, it's my blood they'll be after!! But alas, after a quick glance outside our window what do we see? A moving van, carrying the contents of our vampire friend's home out and away, perhaps a few coffins (?), not sure... I missed that part! But the point is... no more 3am wakeups for us! Even though we are vampire-friendly (I already told you, we're on Team Edward), we value our sleep too much! See you later suckers! Hope you're headed somewhere where the sun don't shine!


Cribs: My Closet Edition :)

Today I tackled my BIG summer project that I have been putting off for weeks...

Cleaning my closet!

It was getting pretty bad. Clothes were carelessly shoved into their sections, I was missing several items and I had to literally step on clothes lying in the floor to get to the back corners of my closet. It took me 4.5 hours to get it back in shape, but, alas... it is done!


It's no Paris Hilton closet, but it's definitely getting closer! ;) And yes I do separate my clothes by color, then by shirt length (strapless, sleeveless, short sleeve, long sleeve). Alicia Silverstone's ("Cher's") closet in Clueless has always been my inspiration.
Now I just need to work on getting a revolving closet and a computer catalog system of my clothing... a girl can dream! But for now, time for a glass of wine to congratulate myself on a job well done!


3 More Weeks of Freedom

Only 3 more weeks until I head on back to school. :( My new teacher training begins August 4th! This summer has really flown by! Part of me is sad to see it go, as I do quite enjoy sleeping in and doing whatever I please all day long. But another part of me is really ready to get on with it and get my first year of teaching out of the way. I am also very anxious to start getting my classroom ready! I love decorating, especially when the skies the limit in terms of glitter and sparkles! ;) But my main reason is that my "school supplies" are taking over our apartment.
Seriously, it is getting out of control! My place is being taken over by pink flamingos!! Can't wait to get the classroom all set up and show you all my tropical oasis! ;) Aloha!


And the Award goes to....

Happy Monday morning! Let's kick off this week with an award ceremony shall we...

A Big Thanks to Casey @ Poodleism (who just happens to be a fellow Delta G sorority sister of mine) for bestowing this blogging award to me!

This award asks that you dig up 7 fascinating facts about yourself and then award this to 7 fab bloggers. Ok, so here goes...

1.) Whenever I watch a movie at home I turn the subtitle feature on. It's amazing how much better you understand what is going on in a movie when you can hear all the whispered lines and get the names, places, etc straight. Mason is annoyed by this. ;)

2.) I like to take naps. Beginning in high school and then through out college I would always come home from class and take a little snooze. 10 mins, 2 hours....didn't matter. As long as I got a little shut-eye here and there, I was refreshed. I still to this day take naps when I get home from work. My biggest fear is having to give up these cat naps someday when I have children... oh the horror!

3.) Speaking of cats.... Mason told me this weekend that for our anniversary he almost got me a kitten instead of the sunglasses. Part of me wishes he would have...

4.) ... but the logical part of me is glad he didn't. I am not really a fly by the seat of your pants kinda girl. I am a very careful and cautious decision maker. A Pros and Cons list maker. And while a sweet kitty to curl up with sounds divine, I can't help but think of the fur balls, the litter box, the vet bills, etc.

5.) My dad just asked me to be his friend on Facebook this morning. Seriously? Can we say "limited profile" much! ;)

6.) I got my toes painted turquoise at my last pedicure. It was the first time ever that I didn't go for either hot pink (for summer) or maroon (for fall/winter). Such the trendster I am! ;)

7.) My favorite household chore is dusting (with Pledge... Mmmm). My least favorite is cleaning the bath tub. I "Pledged" the whole house this weekend.... haven't quite gotten to those tubs yet though! ;)

Here are 7 FAB Bloggers worthy of this award:

Loren @ Rise To Meet
Little Miss Daisy @ this kind of love
Ms. Emily Ann @ My Heart Shaped Life
Melissa @ Sweet Melissa

Thanks again Casey!


Vintage Friday

Hi friends! Happy Friday!

Don't tell anyone this... (especially NOT Mason), but I am starting to get a little bored sitting around at home all day. Probably because all of my friends are working, I have no pool to lounge by, and I have no money to go shopping with until September. *sigh*

Instead I have been finding all sorts of interesting things online... like this:

...a website that sells all sorts of vintage clothing (including wedding dresses), purses, accesories, etc. Again, I have no money with which to purchase these lovely items, but it is still fun to look.

Hope your weekend is splendid! :)


Star Spangled Weekend!

I'm baaack! Ok, so I've been back for a few days now, but seriously... this has been one of my toughest recoveries yet! I'm exhausted, I think there is something wrong with my rib cage (half of it feels detached, sick I know...), and I keep discovering new bruises on my body!

That can only mean one thing...

We had WAY too much fun in Austin this weekend! :)

Here are a few snapshots from our weekend adventure to the ATX:

Hope your 4th of July was WAY too much fun too! :)


Red, White, Blue Weekend

Heading to Austin in just a few short hours for the weekend!
I hope you all have a fabulous 4th of July full of Red, White and Blue....
and fireworks too!
Happy Birthday America!

photo source: weheartit.com


Cheese, please!

Mason and I had a great time celebrating our anniversary yesterday! Thank you guys for all of your sweet comments (especially the ones about my hair... ya'll are far too kind! ;).

It rained buckets in Dallas yesterday evening, but Mason and I still made it out to our dinner reservations at Simply Fondue! Mason had never had fondue before, so we decided it might be a fun, interactive date spot. I would probably not recommend it, however. It was just okay. The Melting Pot is a lot better, across the board, for fondue. Nonetheless, we still had a good time together!
Mason trying out the cheese fondue!
Grilling some of our meats and veggies
The best part of the meal by far, was dessert! We ordered the campfire fondue (mik chocolate mixed with marshmallows and graham crackers)! We even got to roast our marshmallows! :)
Then, after dinner came the really best part! PRESENTS!! :)
I got Mason a bunch of new shirts, but he really went all out!! He got me a new bottle of Valentino perfume... AND some Christian Dior sunglasses that I had been eyeing!!
Do you likey? They are a little bigger on my face than they looked when I tried them on at the store. So I'm still debating whether to keep them or exchange them for a less huge pair. What do you think?

I feel so lucky to have such a sweet and thoughtful boyfriend! One of my favorite parts of any holiday or occasion that we celebrate are exchanging cards! Mase is a great card-picker-outter and he always writes the sweetest messages inside! Yesterday's card alluded to some BIG moments to come in our future! I'm guessing that this will be our last anniversary celebrated as just boyfriend/girlfriend! Or at least let's hope so, haha! ;) Regardless, I'm glad to be with such a great man! What a great 3 years we have had!