NOLA or Bust!

Hey gang! Sorry I've been pretty m.i.a. this week! I will post more next week, but for now I'm off to...

We are heading that way for a wedding and a weekend of debauchery fun! ;)

See you on Monday! Have a great weekend! XOXO


"You Didn't Say I Could Have A Real Pony"...

...."You didn't ask". I don't know why but Mason and I LOVE this commercial. Seriously.
We walk around the apartment all day long saying, "You didn't say I could have a real pony" to each other...and of course we substitute pony for whatever it is we're talking about it at that moment. I'm really good at the pathetic little girl voice. Mason is working on his.

I'm also really good at the mad little girl face that the girl who can't ride her bicycle outside of the square gives.
See. ;)

Mason calls it the "Caroline face". I give it to him when I am mad.

Random post I know... but I didn't say you could have a real post. Ok, I'll stop! :) Happy Tuesday!


Half Birthday Surprise!

Today is my 1/2 birthday!!!!
And I must say, not one person has wished me a Happy 1/2 Birthday! How rude *said in my best Stephanie Tanner voice*!!
It's okay though, because today I got a GREAT 1/2 birthday surprise!

I was subbing (at a school I sub at quite frequently), when the principal and another lady came to my classroom and asked to speak with me in the hall! Um, yikes! I'm not even a student and I still get nervous if the principal wants to chat with me! I was thinking "Oh God! Did I violate the dress code or something?? Maybe I parked in the wrong parking spot today!?!" But no. They were coming to ask me if I would be interested in a long term sub job to replace a 6th grade math teacher who either got fired or quit or something like that! Ummm....let me think about it. YES PLEASE!!! I was so excited! Not only is it a tiny pay increase, but I will be working alongside the math instructional specialist for the school, who apparently has a lot of pull within the district on who gets hired for the following school year! She and I will be co-teaching from now until TAKS testing time (mid-April) and then after that I will take over the class on my own! Hopefully I will make a good enough impression that the job will be mine for the next school year...fingers crossed! Anyway, so that really just made my day.... and my half birthday! Now, who wants to bake me a cake? Or better yet, buy me a celebratory drink! ;)


Fat Tuesday

I went the whole day without realizing that today was Fat Tuesday, until I logged onto Facebook after work and saw it as everyone's status. Man, I am getting old and boring! I used to live for worthless holidays like this... This is how I celebrate instead:

Me: What's for din tonight?
Mason: What do you want to do? I was thinking that last Totino's.
Mason: Idol and 16 prego tonight!
Me: Woohoo! Big night!

So enjoy your crawfish, beads and booze all of you Fat Tuesday celebraters! Mase and I will be eating cheap pizza and watching 16 & Pregnant! We are out of control! ;)


♥-Day Outfits

Just sitting at home on the Saturday of Valentine's weekend, wishing I was out on a fabulous V-Day date with Mase right about now. Instead, I am bored out of my mind with nothing to do! I even tried to go and rent "Couple's Retreat" from RedBox, but someone got the last copy right before me! Grrr! So instead, I am entertaining myself on Polyvore, dreaming of the fab outfits I would want to wear if I actually had V-day plans this year (and an unlimited shopping budget ;). Wah wah... here goes...

♥Option 1♥ (assuming I had a cute little dog to dress as well ;):

V-Day 1

♥Option 2♥:

V-Day 2

♥Option 3♥:

V-Day 3

♥Option 4♥:

V-Day 4

♥♥♥ Which one would be your pick for a romantic night out on the town??? ♥♥♥


Snowed In

It snowed in Dallas yesterday and it didn't just snow. It SNOWED!! The most snow in the history of Dallas! About a foot of snow in some areas! So of course, school was cancelled today....which was a little bittersweet for me since I get paid by the day. Oh well. The kids were INSANE on Thursday, having never seen so much snow in their lives, so it's probably for the best that they stayed home on Friday! Mason and I enjoyed sleeping in and not having to go to work. We were quite literally snowed in as a few of the trees, including one giant one in the back of our condo complex, fell over and blocked the path to our cars! I guess the fraile little Dallas trees aren't used to the weight of ice and snow.

Here are a few more pictures of the snow around our place.
Mason and I drove to go get some lunch this afternoon and as I looked out the window I go, "Oh my God! A naked lady!!!" Mason, nearly crashed the car and was all "Where!? Where!?" Much to his disappointment it was only a nude snow-woman.
I wasn't too thrilled about his enthusiasm over seeing a "naked woman", since hours later I dropped him off at the airport, where he was Austin-bound for one of his pledge brother's bachelor parties. Let's hope that was the first and only "naked" woman he sees this weekend. ;) And who schedules a bachelor party over Valentine's weekend anyway!?! So, I am sitting here bored, snowed in, with not enough wine and I just ran out of M&M's... *sigh* He soo owes me one!

Hope your Valentine's weekends are splendid and full of LOVE and WARMTH! XOXO :)


"Grease is {not} the word..."

The one thing I hate the most about my new teaching schedule is taking showers at night. In the good ol' days after I woke up naturally, I could leisurely take a shower and then get ready at a slow and steady pace for my day. Now I have to have everything prepared for the next day so that I can squeeze in as many extra minutes of sleep as possible.

This has led me to start skipping a few showers here and there.

Eww, I know. It's not as bad as you think though. I don't go to work smelling or anything. I never go a day without at least bathing. It's just the washing my hair part that is a total pain, because then I have to blow dry my hair, which takes for-ev-er *said in a "Sandlot" voice*. Thus, I have learned a few tricks of the trade for allowing my hair to avoid the shower for as long as possible. 1.) Keep current with my highlighting sessions. Highlights=drier hair=less grease=more sleep. :)

2.) Sleep with your hair in a loose ponytail. This keeps your hair from getting a "bedhead look" (i.e. sweaty, matted, tangled hair), but be sure not to tie your ponytail too tight or you will have a nice looking crimp in the back.
3.) Baby powder. I swear by it. A little goes a long way for soaking up any greasy looking strands and is a blonde's best friend. I'm not a big fan of the baby powder smell though, so I buy the Johnson's baby powder brand in the "Calming Lavender & Chamomile" scent. Smells WAY better!
4.) And when all else fails I sport a ponytail and headband on not so good hair days! ;)

Unfortunately, I am out of tricks this evening. Time to hit the showers... blah!


Birthday Cake & Cheese

Happy 20th Birthday to my sister Claire!!
Only one more year to go!! ;)
I remember my 20th birthday *sigh*. All of my friends were either already 21 or had really good fake ID's and as we tried to bar hop on 6th street I could only go to the crappy bars that would accept my obviously fake - fake ID. Good times! ;)

*In other news, Mason and I would like to give a BIG thank you shout out to Mason's grandmother ("Mom-mo") who sent us two big boxes full of Lance Smoke House Cheddar crackers! What Dallas is lacking in SHC goodness, Abilene apparently makes up for! Yum!!! :)

Happy Monday ya'll! I'm ready for some Bachelor drama tonight!! ;)


Germ Monkeys

I knew this would happen. It was inevitable. Especially due to the company that I now keep.

I am getting sick!!! Ughhhhhh! I hate feeling sick! Especially when it is sore throat sick!
And why am I sick? Because of all the little germ monkeys I encounter on a day to day basis. I try my best to wash my hands as often as possible and I use hand sanitizer as much as someone with OCD (thanks to swine flu, every classroom is stocked with sanitizer pumps)! Even still, my clean habits were no match for my dirty little students and their infestations. I think it is because I let them borrow my pencils. Every single day, in every single class period there is at least one student who does not have something to write with. Really? I mean that's about the only supply that you absolutely must have in order to succeed in school. And there is always some really "good reason" why they don't have one. So instead of having them sit there doing nothing, I loan them my pencil. Ewww.

I am soo going to invest in a 20 pack of pencils to loan out to students and wear rubber gloves when they are being returned to me.... or.... perhaps I should start wearing one of those swine flu face masks... Speidi made them look ever so stylish! ;)
For now though, I am going to chug some orange juice and rejoice, because I got called in to do a research study tomorrow for 1.5 hours that pays more than my entire day of babysitting the germ monkeys was going to pay! Yes!! :) Happy Early Weekend to me!


When life gives you lemons...

Er...or when a fellow blogger gives you a lemonade stand award?? You graciously accept! :) Thanks Cee.
To accept this award you must tell the blog world 5 random things about yourself and pass on the award to two deserving bloggers.

So here goes...

Random Fact #1: My fav movie of all time is Clueless. I know EVERY word. I can just about recite the entire movie from beginning to end. :)

Random Fact #2: I like to use Vanilla Rice Milk (the Rice Dreams brand) in my cereal instead of regular milk. I got this advice from a diet I have done before and I think it is super yum. Also, Alicia Silverstone endorsed this milk on Oprah the other day! "Cher" and I drink the same milk! OMG!! ;)

Random Fact #3: My BFF just got a FAB job at a super posh bridal salon in NYC! Score! I'm going to start selecting my dream dress asap. Congrats Lauren! :)

Random Fact #4: I recently purchased some 33 cent grandma knee high panty hose stockings to wear underneath my pants to work! I love them because they make my shoes fit more comfortably while not having to wear full-on panty hose. Wow, nerd alert.

Random Fact #5: I also recently picked out my future wedding date! I knoooooow.... I'm not even engaged yet. But don't worry, I have allowed enough time for Mase to pop the question and still give us plenty of time for a lengthy engagement. I'll let you know the date once he officially puts a ring on it. And for those haters out there, this does NOT make me psycho. Just prepared! ;)

I bestow this award to: Little Daisy May and Milltini
Thanks gals, have a happy Hump Day! :)


Take a hike Jan.

January is out, February is in. Thank the Lord!! I don't know why, but I have always hated the month of January. Ok, I do know why. It sucks. The whole theme of January is getting back on track... back to work, back to school, back on your diet, back to the gym... blah! And as if that isn't depressing enough, it is freezing outside and still gets dark early...oh the misery! I don't mind some nice frosty weather during the holidays to make them feel festive, but once the New Years hats and party blowers have been put away, my internal clock starts the countdown for Spring!

Maybe if I had something special to celebrate in January, like a birthday or an anniversary it would make the month a little more bearable. Unfortunately, I do not and must suffer through all 31 days without one little ounce of excitement (sorry MLK day, you're not cutting it).

But, I no longer have to be a bitter Betty, because February is here! Three cheers for Valentine's Day & Super Bowl & Mardis Gras (and let's not forget about our friend the Groundhog and his special day tomorrow ;)! Any month that is only 28 days long, has theme colors of red and hot pink and offers plenty of reasons for throwing parties is A-OK with me! Glad to see you Feb! I've missed you! :)

Photo source: weheartit.com