♥ three ♥

Today is me and Mason's 3 Year Anniversary!
I can't believe it's been that long....
Time flies when your in love....
.... and having fun!
I Love you so much Mason!
Can't wait to celebrate many, many more anniversaries together!


My Weekend (in vowels)

Would you like to buy a vowel?

A glass of Chardonnay to start the weekend - Ok, so a glass of Chard kicks off most of my weekends, but this weekend my sweetie brought home a bottle from the store without even being asked to.
AND he brought home some scallops and bacon, so we could make bacon-wrapped scallops! A favorite meal in this house, that we don't indulge in too often! Delish!

Enchanted - Have you guys watched this movie?
It's about a fairy tale cast (Patrick Dempsey, Amy Adams and Susan Sarandon) uprooted from the comforts of story book land and placed in present day New York.
Definitely not an Academy Award winner, but a pretty cute movie if you have nothing better to do on a Sunday afternoon (as I clearly did not).

Edward Scissorhands - I have never seen this movie either! I DVRed it this afternoon though and plan to watch it tonight.
I am on a movie watching kick today I guess..

Iron burn - While ironing my outfit Saturday morning, I tried to go around the iron (instead of over) to straighten a crease (stupidly) and knicked my forearm against the scalding hot iron! :( Now I have an ugly looking burn mark on my arm! Eww!

OMG, Best Thing You Ever Put In Your Mouth! - I found a recipe on a fellow blogger's website that she got from The Pioneer Woman's website (Do you all follow her? I just found out about her blog... A-mazing!). Anyway, the recipe was for Chocolate Cobbler! Ugh, to die for! And I had all of the ingredients on hand so I decided to make a little dessert to go with dinner! Yes... 4th of July is coming up. Yes, I have a very important boat party to attend....BUT I have been a good girl and have been working out EVERY DAY, so a little Cobbler won't kill me! ;)

Here are some pics of the finished product...
Even more delicious with a side of vanilla ice cream! Yummm!

USA - lost! :(
Mason and I met a few peeps at a local bar to watch the US play Ghana...yawn! It was a pretty boring game.
I even went next door to Stein Mart (during the game) to kill some time (there weren't many options nearby). A dedicated soccer fan I am not. Players running back and forth for an hour and a half with only 2 goals being scored in that time is not my idea of entertainment. Please God do not let me have children who want to play soccer! ;)

So as you can tell, it was a pretty eventful weekend. Umm, not really.... but a fairly relaxing one at least! We need to save our energy for the 4th! Hope your weekend was Awesome, Exciting, Interesting, Outrageous and Unique! Ok, I'm beating this vowel themed post to death! I'll stop now. :) Adios friends!


Paris H.

No, not Hilton! "Paris Hangover" by Kirsten Lobe, my latest summer read....
I've been growing a little tired of the same fashionista, socialite books that I usually read. I took a chance on this one, hoping it wouldn't be the same rich-girl tries to fall in love story and YAY.... finally something new with a twist. This book is trés chic! It's about a girl in her late 20's living in NYC with a fab job in fashion, a big-shot boyfriend and a seemingly flawless life, yet she yearns for adventure and decides to give up everything to live out her life-long dream of moving to Paris! This book is seriously so much fun and is a great beach read! I couldn't put it down! And though I've never had a huge desire to visit Paris, I'm dying to go now! Ooh, la, la!
And in case you were hoping for a little Paris Hilton action, there's something for you too. Here are some pictures from Miss Hilton's home:
Source: Esquire

Also, here is a clip of Paris giving a tour of her home to Access Hollywood last summer. LOVE her shoe closet! Barbie dolls in the bedroom, um not so much!

Ok, well that's enough Paris for one day! Enjoy! ;)


Unplanned Road trip

Last Thursday, Mason and I found ourselves driving to Houston late at night for an impromptu road trip. Mason's good friend Chase's father died and the funeral was held on Friday in Mason's hometown. We weren't able to leave until really late on Thursday because Mase had tennis practice and then we set off on a long, not-so-fun adventure. We got pulled over, but luckily were only given a warning! Turns out the police officer grew up and went to school in the district that I currently teach at. After finding out that we had that in common we became best buds! :) Later, Mase and I stopped to get a late-night snack and the car in front of us in the drive-thru reversed and hit Mason's car! Luckily there was no damage since the car had a bike rack on the back of it! But this drive to Houston was becoming increasingly worse by the minute. Luckily there were no more incidents after that! And I guess also...luckily...the incidents turned out not that bad after all.

On Friday afternoon, we attended the funeral and then spent the rest of the evening (into the wee hours of the night) hanging out with Mason's friend Chase and all of their high school buddies. I'm glad that Mason has such a close-knit group of guy friends that he grew up with! They are always fun to hang out with... Never a dull moment for sure!Saturday morning I spent the ENTIRE day in the pool! I have not hung out in a pool for that long in quite some time! I just could not get enough of it for some reason! Usually I tend to stay away from chlorine, so that my blonde locks don't turn green, but this time I stayed in 'til my fingers were beyond prune looking! I guess it was my way of officially kicking off summer!

Anyway, we are back in Dallas now! I hope you all are enjoying the first day of summer!!
source: weheartit.com


Summer Lovin'

No, not the kind that Sandy and Danny sang about in Grease! I'm talking about a list of the things that I am currently loving right this moment.

1. Black and White. It don't matter if you're black or white. In fact, I'd rather you be both. I seem to be drawn to black/white clothing this season. Especially in tribal or interesting patterns.
2. My New Hot Pink Heels. Even Barbie would be jealous of my new heels that I just purchased last week! I can't wait to pair them with some black & white ensembles for a surprising pop of color. (My camera is not doing them justice... they are like NEON hot pink)!

3. My MacBook Laptop. I have never owned a Mac, and I still don't, but my new school kindly issued me a school MacBook to use over the summer. I LOVE it. It is so much easier to use than a PC. Once you go Mac you never go back! :)
4. Pretzel M&M's. Just when I thought there was no way M&M could out-do themselves they go and do it again, but this time with a crunch! The center of these M&M's are pretzels blending a perfect mixture of salty and sweet! Mmmm...

5. Getting to do what I want, when I want! Oh the joys of being a teacher with summer off! :) Just had lunch with Mason at the Frisco Ballpark, now headed off to go lay out by the pool! I intend to enjoy every last minute of my short, but oh so sweet summer!

Gotta run! TTYL! :)


Splish, Splash, Rise and Shine

Another sweltering weekend in Dallas, TX. The only way to beat the heat is to hang out in or around a pool. The sun is my best friend right now as I try and recover my splotchy tan job thanks to my most recent peeling session, ewww!

Anyway, so Saturday afternoon we made our way to our friend CJ's house for his annual pool party and also to watch the World Cup....well I was more interested in the pool part, but GO USA!! ;)
After we caught a few rays and mingled with friends we went to dinner at Manny's Mexican Restaurant, which I'm pretty sure neither Mason or I really remember much of. Those cocktails go straight to your head on 100 degree days!! Needless to say we were crashed out by 8PM! ;) Party. Animals.

So not too much going on this lazy Sunday, except my latest hobby... baking bread!!! Mason's mom gave me the starter mix to use to make my own batch of bread, so Mase and I went to the store today to get all of the ingredients. I mixed the starter with a few things and right now I am in the process (an 8-15 hour long process) of waiting for it to rise so that I can start baking!
I am obsessed right now! I literally go check it every 20 minutes to smell it's delicious sweet aroma and also to measure how much it has grown! It's like a science project! A yummy one at that! Tomorrow I actually get to bake it, and it's going to make 4 loaves, plus I'll still have the 1 cup starter amount left over so I can keep baking bread again and again! Hey, this just might turn into a business! ;) I'll let you know how the baking goes mañana! Hope you all had a good weekend!


Rewind: Mem Wknd 2010

I forgot to discuss my Memorial Weekend with you guys, so I will now interrupt regular scheduled programming to give you the low down on my most recent mini-vacay!

Where did we go???
Well, of course. It's where we go for ALL major summer holidays (memorial wknd, 4th of july and labor day). Why? Because it's fun. Why else? Because our friends have a pretty sweet house on Lake Travis that we quite enjoy!
See what I mean.

Anyway, so Mase, Cameron and I drove down from Dallas Friday evening and met up at our friend Cody's house. Cody had a new little friend to introduce to us...
Meet Lucille! Awww, I want a puppy, or a kitty, or maybe just a fish...

Then we headed down to 6th street to relive our college glory days! I even had a jagger bomb...or 3, to get myself re-acquainted with my college self! Woohoo! Doesn't take much these days to get Sorority Girl Caroline back in action! ;)
So after a fun-filled evening downtown, we load the car and start heading to the lake. We stopped at HEB in route to the lake house for some essentials... tanning oil, rafts, a keg... But, we didn't get too far down the road, because Cameron's car died. :(
Party over... Lots of ice melting and a keg becoming luke warm. We managed to pull into a service station, but they said they wouldn't be able to look at it until Tuesday at the earliest. Bummer. So Mase and I ended up having to book an impromptu flight home in order to make it back to work. :(

Our weekend wasn't a total wash, however. We were able to get in two full days of lake fun.
And I'm still rocking a pretty sweet tan from the weekend, which is slowly starting to peel away... nonetheless... another successful summer lake weekend! :)


Wedding Bell Blues

Ok, so remember a post I wrote a few months back, when I told you that I had selected my future wedding venue in Austin when I went there with my mom over Spring Break??

Ok, so the place where I was hoping to get married was this terrific, historical mansion, with a beautiful barn-like reception venue out back called the Barr Mansion. I absolutely loved it!
Such a unique, Austiny location.
Um, so guess what!?!?

It was struck by lightening last night and BURNED DOWN!!!!! To the ground!!!! Not the historical mansion part of it, but the barn/reception venue part!!
Are you kidding me?!?! Mason called me this morning to tell me the news! Is that supposed to be some sort of sign or omen for our future marriage?? Let's hope not.

The good news is that our wedding is a good two years out, because let's be honest...I'm still not even sporting any bling yet! So hopefully they had insurance and will be able to rebuild ASAP. Still so sad though! There were three couples that were supposed to get married there this week! Can you imagine?! Ugh and I feel so bad for the owner, we met with him when we took a tour and he was such a nice guy! Say prayers for the Barr Mansion! God works in mysterious ways!


101 Days of Subbing...

Tomorrow is the last day of school!! :) I have been counting down to this day since the very beginning and now it is finally here! Counting down, not because I don't enjoy my job, but more so because I am just really ready to start the next school year fresh, on my own terms, in my own classroom (and of course as a salaried teacher ;). I'm tired of being the "sub". Tomorrow, also, will mark my 101st day of being a substitute teacher! Nothing could have prepared me more for my first year of teaching than my 101 days of subbing. It has been such an invaluable experience that has really shown me the ups and downs of teaching. I have had many heartfelt moments such as students writing me sweet notes or showering me with hugs in the hallway, and at the same time I sometimes have reoccurring nightmares about some of my not so angelic students! This job is definitely not one that can be left at the office. I am constantly thinking of my students or incidents that have happened at school. It has been such a huge change for me, coming from such a carefree, low-stress job. I wouldn't change it for the world though. So here's to my FINAL day as a substitute teacher! What an adventure it has been, and yet it is still only the beginning...


"A Horse Is A Horse..."

"....Of course, Of course!" Green Acres? Mr. Ed? Anyone, anyone....Bueller....? ;)

Hi folks! Back at it after a busy weekend! I'll post on our memorial day adventures soon, but first a rewind back to last Thursday! We were invited by the newly engaged couple, Adrian and Sterling, to go to Lonestar Park for the horse races! Adrian's dad had a horse that was racing so we went out to place our bets and have some drinks!Mase and I at the track Adrian's dad's horse "Shaolin" Adrian and Sterling cheering on their horse!

Sadly, Shaolin did not deliver, (nor did the other 5 horses I bet on, because of their cute names) but we had a great time and I would definitely recommend heading out to the horse races for a good, clean WASPy day o' fun! :)