Here Comes the Bachelorette....

Oh my lord!

It's nearly been 6 months since my last post!! I'm sure I've been deleted off of your blog lists/bookmarks/favs by now! I hope not though... I've been MIA for good reason. I've been preparing for my Big Nuptials which are only 25 days away!!! :) Can you believe it?? This wedding has been in the making f-o-r-e-v-e-r! But as they say time flies when you're having fun! The countdown is officially on. And for that matter so is the working out, teeth bleaching, tanning and starvation.....but that goes without saying of course...

Today, Mason and I were featured in our city's local magazine wedding blog so that was exciting! Only a very select few make the cut to have their proposal written up by the D Magazine weddings editor! You can catch that little gem here:

Other than that not too much going on...

...just getting ready for my BACHELORETTE PARTY THIS WEEKEND!!!! :) :) :) :)

Which entails more working out, tanning, teeth bleaching and starvation... of course. Then wardrobe comes into play too, because it's not just any bachelorette party... it's MINE!
 {It's finally MY TURN!!! }

I can't believe it is almost here! None of this feels real! But alas, the time has come for me to adorn my "Bride to Be" sash and trashiest veil. Ha, only kidding... I would NEVER! ;)

Anyway, me and 9 of my fav ladies are doing it the way that it was meant to be done...

In fabulous LAS VEGAS! :)

I am so excited for all that lies ahead! I will make it my mission to be a better blogger and keep you all up to date on all the latest wedding deets!

Missed you all! XOXO!


Presently, there are no Presents!

Only 2 more weeks until Christmas! Have you finished your shopping?

I have barely even begun. I have a few gifts for Mason and one for my mom and that. is. it. Pretty pathetic.

It's not only my aversion to crowded shopping malls that has made me fall behind this year, although God knows I can't stand a crowded mall! Actually it's not the number of people in the mall so much as the traffic and parking that turns me into a mega Scrooge.No, this year it's because I have NO IDEA what to get anyone. My mom was the most helpful of the bunch, giving me a wish list to go off of. But everyone else... no clue. Mason wants clothes. He always wants clothes. So boring.

So not only do I have to actually go out and purchase gifts. I'm having to wrack my brain to come up with gifts perfect for everyone on my shopping list. I have no creative juices this year - they have all been sucked up by visions of our wedding dancing in my head. I recently finished helping my friend Adrian design our Save the Dates and will be spending the weeks of my winter break addressing one billion envelopes! Makes my hand hurt just thinking about it. Needless to say I will not be sending out a Holiday Card this year. Sorry my friends. Instead, here is a photo of Mason and I trimming our tree this year.
Because who doesn't decorate their silver tinsel tree with pink roses while wearing a ball gown! ;)

I hope that you all are enjoying December and have all of your gift purchasing behind you! Feel free to leave any ideas you have of gifts to give this Christmas for a lazy bride on a budget. Merry Christmas!


Hello out there??

Hello blog friends!

Are you still out there? I'm sure many of you have abandoned ship since I have fallen off the blogging bandwagon. My most sincere apologies.

I don't have any hilarious stories for you tonight... or any big updates, but I did want to check in with you to let you know I'm still alive and think of you often!

This fall has been absolutely insane for me and the number one cause of this chaos was my decision to become our school's cheer sponsor.

Being the cheer sponsor entails having to stay with the girls for either a football or basketball game one night every week (usually getting me home around 9pm). Then there are practices - and boy do they love to practice. Constantly begging for more freaking practice. Geez! Don't they have laundry to do, dinner to make, Real Housewives to catch up on and bodies that need working out. No? Guess that's just me.

I'm debating calling it quits on coaching after just my first year because it takes so much out of me - mainly my free time. It's been a lot of fun at times, but mainly it's just another task on my to-do list each week. Only 4 more basketball games though and we're done, so there is a light at the end of the tunnel. How does Sue Sylvester do it??

In other news, we have now approached the 7 month mark until our wedding. To all of you out there, 7 months probably seems like an eternity being more than half a year away, but to the bride-to-be it's starting to become freak out time. I don't know what I'm stressing about. Many of the big decisions have already been made. It's just the little stuff that makes me lose sleep at night (as you maybe can tell since I'm writing this at 12:30 am).

I've also come to realize that no one thinks your wedding is as important as you and your fiance do (aside from your moms). Also,  the world will not stop for you as you plan your wedding. I guess I knew it wouldn't, but still a slightly disappointing realization. People will get engaged, get married, have babies and carry on and place their dates all over your calendar without a second thought about your most important day. I get it and am fine with it. It just leads to more stress and costliness when you have 5 more weddings (3 of them destination) and a baby shower or two to get through before your very own day.... and that's nothing... I feel like we've been to over 100 weddings in the past year.

Bottom line - I am just very ready for June 30th to be here. I know there is much to do and be excited about between now and then, but right now I just want it to come, to be enjoyed and to pass so that we can start our lives together officially, because in the end isn't that the main point?

Sorry for such a bleak, non-funny post. I'll cheer up and get back to my old self asap! :)



My name is Caroline.....and I am an addict.

My drug of choice...


I am really obsessed ya'll. I mean I just can't stop pinning away all the decorations, outfits and recipes that I want to try out. This weekend things got really out of control.

Yesterday I made a wreath for fall for my mom:

and for myself:

Then for breakfast this morning I made Mason and I pumpkin pancakes and cinnamon syrup from scratch:

For lunch, jalepeno popper grilled cheese:

and since I was on such a roll, I just baked a batch of peanut butter/nutella swirl cookies for the hell of it:
This needs to stop. I can't even make the dinner that I had planned to make tonight because my sudden Betty Homemaker/Martha Stewart-ness has left me too exhausted.

But oh how much fun it would be to fill my days with crafting and cooking instead of working. Someday... Until then, I will be cracked out on Pinterest when I can. The weekends!


I'm Busy - Polishing off Another Bottle of Chard...

My life is consumed with school right now. Teaching. Cheerleading. Meetings. Lesson Plans. More meetings to meet about what was not finished from the previous meeting. Grading. Meeting about grading. Meetings with people who can't figure out the lesson plans even though they are s-p-e-l-l-e-d out and handed on a silver platter.

....this is leading me to consume lots of wine. Carefree days of summer are gone.

My house is in shambles. Birthday cards sent are belated. My summer tan - gone. Laundry - well... I don't even want to talk about it. Such is the life of a teacher.

Mason's brother sent me this before school started.
Truer words were never written. ;)

Cheers to getting back into the routine of school! Painful though it may be.


Golden Anniversary

I don't mean to be a total cheese ball, but I will... so humor me.

Mason and I just thought about today's date - August 30th....

We have been together now for 50 months!
Happy "Golden" Anniversary to us!

Annnddddd exactly 10 more months until our wedding! Yay!

Just thought I'd share! :)


All About August


.....so August kind of just came... and went!

I was a busy gal this month. First, I started off by being a bridesmaid in my friend Jill's wedding!
After we married her off, I went back to school for teacher work week. Which happened to be the same week as my b-day week. Woohoo! Look who's 27! Holla!
Now it's back to school. Last week was the first week back with the kiddos and I'm happy to report that my little 6th graders are tiny, cute and smart. No bad apples in the bunch (yet.) :)
Other than that I am just trying to survive this heat wave! Dreaming of fall weather, tailgating, the holidays, jeans, boots and cute sweaters!

This summer was great, but it's time to move on. Happy Back to School... Bring it September!