Happy Halloween friends!
I hope you all have had a spooky weekend! Mason and I kept it pretty low key this weekend. I'm talking reallllyyyy. low. key. Half of our friends went to New Orleans this weekend for VooDoo Fest. The other half of our friends went to the Ghostland Observatory concert in Dallas - which was sold out by the time we jumped on the bandwagon. Thus, for the first time in 9 years, we did not dress up, we did not get all boozy at a bar, we did not get in a fight with a girl and lose our cell phones... we just sat at home and watched scary movies, like mature adults. Ok, maybe not mature. Mason got scared by some ghost tv show we were watching and refused to open the bedroom door to see why one of our lights in the living room was still on when he thought he turned it off! I'm glad I have him around to help with ghost patrol! ;)

Anyway, so we spent our afternoon carving a pumpkin!

Our masterpiece, except for the fact that our kitty is evil and is missing half of it's tail.
So we were doing a little drinking and carving... we had to do SOMETHING crazy this weekend! ;)

Anyway, after the pumpkin was carved and dinner was cooked, we baked some Halloween cookies and chowed down on the candy that was left over from the Trick or Treaters!
We had a lot leftover, since ZERO kids came to our door! RUDE! Oh well, more Kit Kat's for me...

There was also lots and lots of Vampire Cabernet involved as well!
All in all a pretty successful holiday and I don't even have a hangover to whine about! My very first grown-up Halloween! Let's hope it's another 9 years before it happens again... I kid, I kid! ;)


No Rest for the Weary

This month has been just AWFUL! No more car drama, or any drama of any kind, really. Just totally worn out and drained by all of the teacher training sessions I have had to go to this month!

.....Gifted & Talented
.....Teaching English Language Learners
.....Keys to Quality Teaching
..... How To Have Two Margaritas/Chardonnays and Still Look Great at 6:30AM (hmm...so maybe that wasn't a training, but I have already mastered this skill ;)

I literally have trainings lasting until 7:30 or 8pm nearly every school night (I even had one all day on Saturday) <----RUDE! So usually, I get out of school, head straight to the training and then head home to plan some stuff for the next day or grade papers! I have ZERO personal time! :( This will get better though I know. Next week is my last week of awful trainings (oh and did I mention that nearly each training session has a project or homework assignment that goes along with it)..fun! I am soooo ready to take my first year "training wheels" off!

Don't get me wrong though, I do love my job! There just isn't enough time in the week to really do it perfectly or fit in everything I would want to do! Oh well, could be worse! Here is a pic of
me in action with some of my kiddos from my social studies class
we were in the library working on a Middle Eastern Scavenger Hunt!

Our whole 6th grade is going to the Dallas Museum of Art on Tuesday for a field trip! Ahh, might be scary! I'll report back to let you know how it goes! Hope you had a restful weekend, I sure didn't! Maybe one of these days... ;)


Just Another Manic Monday

So today started out pretty well...not even very Monday-ish for a Monday! We were testing for the first half of school, then another teacher took over my tutoring session so I had ample time to get everything I needed to do done. So I journeyed home, and then the REAL fun began!

I got all the way home in my car, which is a TOTAL piece, by the way. I now listen to the Ticket (sports radio) because it is the only station my janky car can pick up these days, now that my iPOD charger is stuck forever inside my cassette player. YES MY CAR STILL HAS A CASSETTE PLAYER!

Anywho.... so I get all the way home and go to park in front of my casa, like I always do, because I'm lazy like that! I usually get great parking (a perk of a teacher's schedule), but not today! Every mexicano in town had their hoopty (ahem...not that I'm one to talk) lining the streets, because they are repainting our condo complex. So, pissed off, I U-turn to go park myself in the back in gated parking. I get to the gate, click my gate opener and nothing. No open saysame! My gate opener batteries are dead. Mega pissed off now, I U-turn back to the front and have to inconveniently back up into a spot down the street. POP!!!!! WHOOOOOSH!
That my friends is the sound of my tire hitting some metal wire protruding from the sidewalk and then the subsequent air rushing out of my tire. AWESOMEEEEE!! FML. Seriously?!??! SERIOUSLY!!! RED ALERT PISSED OFF!

So I go to call Mason and he knew exactly what I was talking about because he has been eyeing that piece of metal for years now thinking to himself, "man that would suck if someone popped their tire on this"...grrrreat!

So I know it sounds like I was Mexican bashing earlier, but I wasn't... me gusto todos los mexicanos! Especially because my MISA came to save the day ( my "Mexican In Shining Armor"). :) A painter from down the street helped me remove my car from the wire, jacked my car up and then was going to attach my spare tire. I mean it was the least he could do since he stole my parking spot and all. But guess what? You need a secret key to get the tire off the back of the car. A key I don't have!!! WHYYYYYYY MEEEE!? So the friendly latino wasted his time helping a cute, automobile-challenged blonde with a shitty car!

Anyway, Mason did the rest of the damage control when he got home and $108.25 later my car is as good as new. Ha, not really, but it'll drive.

So anyway, it's going to be a McDonald's for dinner, 2 (maybe 3) glasses of wine, Gossip Girl kinda night! Somebody's got a case of the Mondays!


October 2010

Remember me? You probably don't. I have become a stranger to the blog world. BUT this weekend I had people coming out of the woodworks to tell me that I am slacking and that it makes them sad to have to sit in their cubicles without the enjoyment of being entertained daily by my ever-so deep ramblings. So, I'm back, by popular demand ;).... and I have SOOO much to catch you up on, it'll prob take a few posts, so I am going to start out slow with a little October preview. Patience people.


Excited about:
  • The cool crisp fall weather that looks like it is here to stay!!
  • My once-yearly official evaluation by my principal that happened last week that I did really well on! Phew! Glad it's over!
  • Having out my fall decorations! Halloween is one of my fav Holidays to decorate for (besides Christmas obv.)!
  • I had today off, because it was Fair Day for my kiddos! A MUCH needed day off!
  • Going to the State Fair of Texas next week with Mason! I didn't go today because I didn't want to run into any students on my day off!
  • Horror movies on TV this month! I loooove scary movies! :)

  • All the one million training's I am going to have to go to this month. I signed up for all my Gifted & Talented and ELL training's this month so I could just get them over with but that means having a class to attend after school several times a week and lots of online homework and lessons to submit! Blah! Can't wait for my first year to be OVER! ;)
  • The rest of the UT Football season! Not off to a good start with 2 losses already! Booo!
  • The fact that I have had a cold for over 3 weeks and it shows no signs of ever leaving!!! Or at least my disgusting cough seems to be here to stay! :(

  • Butternut Squash soup! The "Newflower Market" grocery store by my house has the most delicioys BNS soup ever! I crave it every day and usually go buy some about every other day! :)

  • Pop-Chips (Salt & Pepper flavor) - a new semi-guilt free snack that I have been indulging in!
  • That it smelled like Christmas when I walked outside after a training tonight! :)

Things to Celebrate this Month:
  • Halloween! Duh! Best Holiday ever!!! :) No plans or costumes yet though... better get crackin' on that!
  • Columbus Day?

  • No time for pleasure reading... I am having to do TWO book studies right now. One for our school and one for an online G&T training. Blah! School Overload!! I haven't even been keeping up with my US Weekly magazines. Sad.

  • Gossip Girl
  • Glee
  • 90210
  • Grey's
  • All Housewives shows.... Desperate, Real H. of DC, etc. (except not Atlanta, that cast sucks)
  • Teen Mom
  • Mad Men
  • I really don't have time for all these shows, but I make it work somehow! ;)

Jamming out to:
  • Currently nothing. My radio in my car has been broken for awhile so I was using my iPOD connector thingy that connects to my iPOD via a cassette tape wire device. Well it got stuck the other day so know all of my driving is in silence and I know none of the new jams. Sad.
Ok, so I know I have lots of catching up still to do, but it was a start! I'll write more soon!! TTYL! :)