Ice, Ice Baby

Yesterday after work, Mason and I were headed over to Javier's for happy hour with some friends. It was a nice, sunny and seasonably scorching day as we were pulling out of our parking lot and then all of a sudden the heavens parted and the worst hail storm I have ever witnessed came down. We immediately had to drive back under our covered parking spot to wait it out and to prevent Mase's new car from being battered by large chunks of ice! It was just so random... it came out of nowhere and only lasted about 5 minutes... Anyway, I got it on tape so you could witness it for yourself...Craziness...


  1. OMG! WOW!! that is crazy!!


  2. That's nuts!!! I would be freaked out if ice started falling down in this heat. What's the deal?

  3. crazy! glad the car was ok!