Pink Silence and Vanilla Goodness

Tomorrow's the big day... well not the BIG day, but an important day. I am taking my Generalist 4-8 practice test and have to make at least an 80 on it to get approved to take the real test. I have been studying pretty much non-stop this past week trying to re-educate myself on all of the material I learned once upon a time in elementary and middle school. I'm even learning things I have never heard of and most certainly wouldn't have learned in 4th -8th grade (much less high school). I feel like a walking encyclopedia of knowledge right now and am hoping to {fingers crossed} ace my test!!

When I went in last week to take my "practice" practice test, I had some difficulty concentrating because they put me in this little side room right next to their offices and the ladies of Region 10 gossiped and giggled the morning away making it hard to pay attention. Well this time, I'm going in armed with these little guys:
Aren't they just the cutest! Hot pink ear plugs!!! There were other cheaper (and more boring colored) ear plugs available at the drug store, but who could resist!?! Not I! If my natural knowledge doesn't pull me through this test, then I'm hoping that these beauts will! ;)

So tonight after work I'm headed home to shovel some more trivia into my cranium, but not without picking up this studying staple of mine first:

7-11's French Vanilla Cappucino. Yummmm!

I don't even like coffee, but this cup of joe is gloriously delish and has the ability to keep me up and at 'em for hours! Anyway, I'll report back tomorrow after the test and let you know how I did (unless I bombed it...)! ;)


  1. I wish you the best of luck on your test! Say a little prayer!

  2. Good luck on the test!

    (those ear plugs are hilarious)