ZZ Top / Aerosmith Concert!

So... Sunday night was the night of my highly anticipated concert outing to see ZZ Top and Aerosmith. Well, we ended up getting a late start to the concert and got stuck in traffic for FOREVER.. even though we only live like 5 minutes from the concert venue.... so by the time we parked, got our tix from will call, went to the bathroom and got beer we had missed half of the ZZ Top show! Boo... but we met up with Rory(Frank Beard's son) and his girl friend in the lawn to watch what was left of ZZ's portion of the concert. {L to R: Cameron, Nathan, Rory and Mason before Aerosmith came on}
After ZZ Top played, Rory left us to go do a "meet and greet" with the band (how fah-bulous...) and we went to go check out our seats for the Aerosmith portion of the concert. Well I may have been a little optimistic with my notion of getting to see Steven Tyler up close and personal bc our seats weren't super close like I thought they'd be. Apparently Rory wasn't able to get us tix as near to the front bc his dad had given out all of the really good seats to his Dallas pals... {please excuse ugly picture of myself sweating profusely, just wanted to show you where our seats were...}

Nonethless, we still got to see two great shows for FREE and had a really good time hanging out with Rory and other friends! I will just have to wait a little longer to meet Mr. Tyler... (all good things come to those who wait...right?) ;) Haha, annnnnd I was just about to upload a video clip of Aerosmith playing their song "Cryin'". Prob my fav, but then I realized that Aerosmith is being drowned out by my lovely voice singing along at the top of my lungs... ha, i am an idiot! ;)

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