16 Hours of Driving in 1 Week. Blah.

Hi friends! I hope you all had the very merriest of Christmases this year! I have been traveling all over Texas these past few days. First to Tyler to spend Christmas with my fam, then Houston to see Mason's. Now I am in Austin, helping my mom move from her place in Austin back to Dallas. NOT FUN. I hate moving. With a passion. Even more so when it's not my junk. And it's supposed to snow tomorrow in Dallas. Perfect. Bah humbug! ;) Anyway, so once I am back and unpacked in D-town I will upload some pics and fill you in on all of my holly jolly good times! Miss you guys! :)


A Weekend in our Christmas Best

This weekend we drove down south to Belton, TX (just about an hour away from Austin) for an impromptu weekend of holiday fun! Our friend Michael's parents have a ranch house in Belton that they let us stay at for the weekend. Here is a glimpse into our fun-filled weekend, including an evening with tacky Christmas sweaters worn by all! Oh what fun! ;)

Here, we have Mrs. Claus (aka Lezlie) whipping up some good 'ol fashioned spiced apple cider. We added some Southern Comfort to make it a little extra spicy! ;)What ranch weekend is complete without a few drinking games?Here are the gals all dolled up in our Christmas best! My "Love That Red" lipstick, used during my high school drill team days, finally came in handy! ;) Celebrating our victory over the Saints with a little shot! How 'bout them Cowboys! :)Our makeshift "bonfire"...The rest of the gang...Staying warm by the fireNext year's Christmas Card picture for sure! ;)Another group shot...Another successful holiday party/weekend! Only 4 more days til Christmas!! :) Now I'm off to the kitchen to go bake one million cookies for Mason to take to work tomorrow morning... I'm such a good House"wife"! ;)


Panty Party '09

Last night was our 3rd annual Christmas Cocktails, Panties and Lights party! It is always such a blast! About 20 of our girl friends get together for a few drinks, treats and chatter, then we all sit down and have a panty exchange. Everyone has to bring one pair of panties and then we draw numbers to see who gets to pick first and there is also stealing involved.... such fun! Can you tell which present I brought!? Only the cutest one there! I must brag and say that for the second year my present was numero uno to be unwrapped! Move over Martha! ;) One unlucky lady had to go home with a 7 pack of Hanes, because someone thought it'd be funny to bring them as a gag gift! Poor girl. Not me though! I scored a cute new pair of Hanky Pankies! :)
After everyone put away there new panties, we boarded our limo bus (along with our cocktails) and headed to Highland Park to look at some Christmas lights. We didn't do much looking though as we were too busy jamming out to our holiday party music mix!After our annual group pic, we headed to the Loon (for you none-Dallasites the Loon is a hole-in-the-wall bar that serves up the stiffest drinks in town). Our purpose was not to get more drinks, however. Instead, we divided up into teams and had a scavenger hunt having to perform such tasks as getting a guy to give you his boxers, buy you a shot, etc etc. Anyway it was a good time had by all! I'm just nursing a mega wine headache now though and of course I cant find a single pain reliever tablet in the entire house! Ughhh! Back to bed! Have a great weekend! :)


These are a few of my favorite things...

I've compiled a list of my favorite holiday movies, songs and treats! It just wouldn't be Christmas to me without these things:
Love Actually (2003)
BEST Christmas movie EVER!! :) Just warms my heart. I try to get Mase to watch it with me every year and every year I finish it on my own as he snores away. Oh well, I will continue to watch it again and again, by myself if I must! ;)
Starbucks Peppermint Mocha
As you may remember, I was not a fan of Starbucks Pumpkin Spice Latte. I am, however, quite a fan of this tastey treat. Whip cream, peppermint sprinkles and all...Mmmm!
"Santa Baby"
By far the sexiest Christmas song of all. Makes me want to buy a cute little Santa dress and prance around the house, while singing... "Forgot to mention one little thing, a ring... I don't mean on the phone!" ;)
A Charlie Brown Christmas (1965)
Merry Christmas Charlie Brown!!! I LOVE when this comes on! Cute little Charlie and his pathetic little tree! "O Christmas Tree, O Christmas Tree". My fav part though is when Linus tells us what Christmas is all about!
Peanut Butter Blossoms
I make a batch of these delish cookies ever year right before Christmas! They are the perfect blend of Chocolate and Peanut Butter! I'll post the recipe another day...

White Christmas (1954)
An oldie, but a goodie! Such a sweet little Christmas movie that I love singing along to! A friend and I even choreographed a dance to the "Sisters" song for theater class during our sophomore year of high school! Wish I had footage of that! Ha!

"Baby It's Cold Outside"
Another one of my all time fav Christmas songs! And don't judge me, but my favorite version of this song is the one that Jessica Simpson and Nick Lachey sang together. I know I am soooo lame! ;)
Bluebell's Peppermint Ice Cream
Peppermint bliss.... this delicious concoction made by Bluebell is only sold during the holiday season, making it even more crave-worthy! Go and getcha some, you won't be dissapointed! ;)

Mariah Carey Merry Christmas Album

Released in 1994, MC still has the best Christmas Album around, in my humble opinion! Just can't beat "All I Want For Christmas"!

So there ya go...just a little sampling of what I'll be viewing, singing, and eating this holiday season! What are some of your Christmas favorites???


Cowboys and Custard

I just drove up to Wild About Harry's on Knox St. to get a little something sweet for Mase and I to snack on....and guess who was in line in front of me!?!?Troy Aikman with his two little girls, indulging in some delicious custard themselves!! I looked like a hot mess having taken a shower a few hours earlier and not bothering to dry my hair or put on any makeup! Yikes! Oh well, atleast I had on my brand new "I LOVE Cowboys" Sweatpants on! :) Anyway, just thought I'd let you know about my Sunday evening celeb spotting! Hope your weekends were grand! Tata for now! ;)


Eat, Drink and Be Merry

Well not quite. Last night, Mason and I attended his company Christmas party which was held in an event space at the new Dallas Cowboys Stadium. There they unveiled that their company had purchased a suite, seating up to 16 people on the 50 yard line and that over the course of this season and next, all of the employees would have a chance to attend a game in the suite. Pretty nice Christmas gift, I suppose....I mean it's no fruit cake or anything, but.... ;) Anyway, the only downer of the party was that the owner of Mase's billion dollar company is uber-religious and does not believe in drinking. Not one drop. Not even spiked egg nog. Which I can tell you folks, makes for one incredibly boring and awkward Christmas party. I mean what is a Christmas party for if not to overindulge and loosen up amongst co-workers! And imagine me, knowing no one but Mason, without anything but apple cider in hand to help liven up the getting to know you conversations. Awful. The only saving grace of this party was that we were given a tour of the stadium that took a good hour of our time, allowing us to head out of the party afterwards without it being too noticeably early! Here are a few highlights of our stadium tour: Mase and I in his company's suite at the stadiumMase in front of Roy Williams' Locker, who happens to be a former Longhorn
In front of Tony Romo's Locker
The Dallas Cowboy Cheerleaders Locker Room

....and that about wraps up the fun from that evening. I think next year I'll have to have a few more glasses of wine before attending, because the 1.5 glasses I had before we left the apartment didn't seem to cut it. Better make it a bottle next time to be safe! ;)


My Winter Wonderland

We I finally got all of the Christmas decorations up and it feels so cozy in our little winter wonderland! Here is a a little sneak peek inside our humble abode! Our "brand new" Christmas tree set up in the living room. It is actually the Christmas tree that used to be in my office, but since bossy is closing up shop he told me I could have it if I wanted it! Duh! The more Christmas trees the better, because now we get to put our old tree (that Mason surprised me with last winter) in our bedroom. :) I would highly recommend adding a tree to your bedroom if you are able to! Really adds to the holiday spirit! Our Mantle!Close-up of the mantle! Merry Christmas! :)Mantle/Tree/Living Room viewSnoopy hanging out under the tree! :) Buffet/entrance table decor Table decorOur newest ornament on the tree! :) My homemade Christmas wreathMy pretty in PINK nativity :)
A friendly reminder from Santa in our kitchen! ;)

And that wraps up this edition of Cribs! Hope you guys enjoyed the tour! I know that I personally am super nosy and love getting a peek into other's homes! Have a great weekend! :)


It's Official...

.... the Longhorns are going to the National Championship game in Pasadena!!!!!
I went to the Big 12 game at Jerryworld (the new Dallas Cowboys stadium) on Saturday. It was quite a nail-biter. Though are defense performed great, our offense didn't accomplish very much. We literally won by ONE point with ONE second left in the game! Talk about a heart attack!! We'll take it though! A wins, a win.

I can't wait for January 7th! Hook 'em Horns!!! :)


Thanksgiving in New York!

Happy Friday Bloggy friends! I have really been awful at blogging lately. Not only did last week's travel really get me behind, but I have been subbing quite a bit lately as well and I really have not figured out how to balance my work life, my home life, my social life and my blogging just yet. Instead of having the ability to peruse the internet for hours on end at work and dream up blog posts a plenty, I now have to actually work the entire day and have no time to get online. It will be an adjustment, but I am working on getting it all ironed out! ;) With that being said, I wanted to share with you some of the highlights of our trip to New York! We had an amazing time exploring the city together! Here is our trip in pictures. Enjoy!:On our last night in New York, we had dinner (and dessert) at Serendipity. The wait was 2 1/2 hours but luckily I had called and made reservations weeks ahead of time! We were seated at the cutest little table right in front of the fireplace. Then our waiter told us that it was the same table that Kate Beckinsale and John Cusack sat at during the filming of the movie Serendipity! A perfect ending to a perfect trip! I <3 NY and definitely plan to go back as soon as possible (preferably during warmer weather next time)! ;) Have a great weekend everybody!