Cheers to the Gen 4-8 Exam!

I finally took the Gen 4-8 test this morning. Not too sure how I did though. I may have passed. I may have failed. I'm definitely borderline. The annoying thing is that I really couldn't have done much more to prepare for the test... it was just hard because of the tricky wording of the questions and answer choices that were vague. Oh well... I did my best. I know I definitely did really well on the math portion. I think I will find out my scores no later than Monday or Tuesday, probably.... and I decided that if I fail it I will not try to take it again. Because:
  • a) It costs $120 each time to take it,
  • b) I am not allowed to try and take it again for another 60 days, and
  • c) I already have my math 4-8 certfication (which is what I would rather teach anyway), so I will just be patient and hope something opens up in that area.

Def kind of bummed though. It isn't very often that I leave a test not feeling confident about how I did (especially a test I prepared for for two weeks)... Who knows though? I might have passed. Ok, I'll stop complaining about it now. :)

Now excuse me while I go pour a rather large glass of this
to celebrate... or to drown my sorrows, not sure which yet... ;)


  1. I hope you did well! I know it's a hard test. I know a lot of ppl don't pass. I know how hard you tried.

  2. i hate leaving a test with that unsure feeling.

    just know whatever is meant to happen will.