Is it Sunday yet??

Typically, I absolutely dread the arrival of Sundays. Yes.. it is still a weekend day and I do not have to go into work, but the coming of Sunday means that Monday is just around the corner...blah! This Sunday, however, I have lots to look forward to!! We are going to see ZZ Top ANNNND Aerosmith perform together in concert! ZZ Top is pretty rad, but Aerosmith is my mostfavoritebandinthewholeentireworld!!!!! :) This will be my 5th time to see them in concert (and 2nd to see ZZ).

But it gets better, much, much better! You see... Mason and his twin brother Cameron grew up with Rory and Nico (also twins) who just so happen to be the sons of the drummer for ZZ Top (Frank Beard). What does this mean for us??? BACK STAGE PASSES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Yessssssss! :)
Another detail you may not know is that I am in love (and slightly obsessed) with Steven Tyler! Don't ask me why... he is over 60 years old, this I know... but I love him! Maybe because he is a rock legend, maybe because he is the lead singer of my favorite band in the world, or maybe it's because he can hit notes that an opera singer would be jealous of... nonetheless - I am his biggest fan and there is a tiny fraction of a chance that maybe, just maybe I might bump into him back stage. And if not, atleast I will be closer to him than I ever have been before!! :) Oh what to wear, what to wear.... :) Can't wait to update you on Monday about my potential celebrity encounter!!! Have a FAB weekend!

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  1. That's awesome caroline. i'd love to go to see aerosmith.

    tell us how it goes.

    ps--hope your studying is going well.