Being engaged means.....

.... Monday night DVR compromise.

Mason: Hey! Will you record Pawn Stars on the other tv at 9?
Me: Can't. I am already recording two shows at 9.
Mason: What are they?
Me: If you must know, "Heavy" and "Bethenney Ever After".
Mason: Oh God! That Bethenney show is crap! Like stuck on the bottom of your shoe dog crap! But at least you redeemed yourself with "Heavy".
Me: Oh and what masterpiece will you be recording on the other tv at 9?
Mason: "Southern Fried Stings"
Me: Wow.

He's just lucky Gossip Girl, 90210 and Bachelor are on hiatus or I'd be filling up both tv's! ;)

PS: Don't let Mase fool you. He has def caught an episode or two of Bethenney with me before!


Just One More Reason to Get Skinny...

Ugh, Sunday night already?? This weekend felt insanely short! I had to go to a review session all day Saturday for an ESL exam that I have to take. Then today it was so dark and cold out that I slept half the day away. Sheesh. Oh well, with the passing of each week, we get one week closer to SUMMER! 10 more to go!
image source: weheartit
On Saturday afternoon the weather was absolutely perfect in Dallas! A crisp 85 degrees. So after my class, Mason and I decided to hit up Katy Trail (Dallas' trendiest trail to get your run on). We got about halfway down the trail and then noticed a mass of people standing around. Taking the Katy Trail trend-o-meter up one more notch, they have opened the Katy Trail Ice House - a bar/grill with lots of pinic tables, bean bag toss, etc so that if you don't want to go to KT to get your run on, you can go and get your buzz on.
image source: katy trail facebook page
Great! As if it wasn't already enough pressure to wear your cutest running outfit for fear of running into (literally) someone you know....now you will have to worry about a table full of friends catching a glimpse of you trying to shed some winter weight for bikini season.

What do we think Dallasites? Annoying or Awesome? I can't lie, it did look like a pretty good time. Maybe I'll have more than one reason to hit up the Katy Trail a little more often.


My Mad March

March has been quite the whirlwind. Maybe Probably Definitely that's what happens when you start out the month in Vegas with 14 gals on mission to make sure that one of your besties has the BEST time ever before she takes the plunge into marriage! I also made sure to have the BEST time ever! Just practicing up for my own Bachelorette party... ;)
I can't tell you how bad that next Monday.... and Tuesday.... and even Wednesday hurt! Ugh! Luckily I just had to make it through one week to get to SPRING BREAK! Hallelujah! It couldn't have come at a better time!

I didn't waste anytime kicking off my Spring Break either. First I had to help a friend celebrate her 26th B-day (HBD Brittany)!!
Then, Mason and I hosted 4 of our friends who came in town to celebrate Dallas' version of St. Patrick's Day! Plenty of good GREEN fun to go around!
Once that party crew left, I had a few days to myself to catch up on errands that I had been neglecting such as getting my passport - which let me tell you is EXPENSIVE and a complete pain in the ass! I mean major! I spent Wednesday going to every federal building/court/post office in the land trying to get a copy of my LONG birth certificate which is different than your SHORT birth certificate which is needed in the state of Texas to get your passport! How rude. Anyway, that's done now and I will be free to flit around the world for the next 15 years, ha!

After all the business, I took the rest of my week and headed to Houston to spend some time with my H-town friends and also with Mason's fam!

In Houston, I celebrated St. Patty's Day AGAIN - but this time on the real day with some amigos!
Then later in the week Mason's parents had a fish fry that was quite the time!
But we're back in Dallas now. Back to school tomorrow. Major sad face! Oh and Mason left his car keys in Houston on accident so we're down to one car until they can be overnighted to him on Tuesday morning. Back to reality.... *sigh* Ugh, how many more weeks 'til Summer!?!?


Vegas, baby...

Happy March!

To kick start my month I'm jetting off to the City of Sin with these lovely ladies
to celebrate Miss Adrian's last few days as a Bachelorette!
Can't wait for a fun weekend with my Dallas girls!
Happy Bachelorette Weekend Adrian!!! :)