Hello out there??

Hello blog friends!

Are you still out there? I'm sure many of you have abandoned ship since I have fallen off the blogging bandwagon. My most sincere apologies.

I don't have any hilarious stories for you tonight... or any big updates, but I did want to check in with you to let you know I'm still alive and think of you often!

This fall has been absolutely insane for me and the number one cause of this chaos was my decision to become our school's cheer sponsor.

Being the cheer sponsor entails having to stay with the girls for either a football or basketball game one night every week (usually getting me home around 9pm). Then there are practices - and boy do they love to practice. Constantly begging for more freaking practice. Geez! Don't they have laundry to do, dinner to make, Real Housewives to catch up on and bodies that need working out. No? Guess that's just me.

I'm debating calling it quits on coaching after just my first year because it takes so much out of me - mainly my free time. It's been a lot of fun at times, but mainly it's just another task on my to-do list each week. Only 4 more basketball games though and we're done, so there is a light at the end of the tunnel. How does Sue Sylvester do it??

In other news, we have now approached the 7 month mark until our wedding. To all of you out there, 7 months probably seems like an eternity being more than half a year away, but to the bride-to-be it's starting to become freak out time. I don't know what I'm stressing about. Many of the big decisions have already been made. It's just the little stuff that makes me lose sleep at night (as you maybe can tell since I'm writing this at 12:30 am).

I've also come to realize that no one thinks your wedding is as important as you and your fiance do (aside from your moms). Also,  the world will not stop for you as you plan your wedding. I guess I knew it wouldn't, but still a slightly disappointing realization. People will get engaged, get married, have babies and carry on and place their dates all over your calendar without a second thought about your most important day. I get it and am fine with it. It just leads to more stress and costliness when you have 5 more weddings (3 of them destination) and a baby shower or two to get through before your very own day.... and that's nothing... I feel like we've been to over 100 weddings in the past year.

Bottom line - I am just very ready for June 30th to be here. I know there is much to do and be excited about between now and then, but right now I just want it to come, to be enjoyed and to pass so that we can start our lives together officially, because in the end isn't that the main point?

Sorry for such a bleak, non-funny post. I'll cheer up and get back to my old self asap! :)