Throwback Thursday

I was out for a jog the other day, jamming out to some of the tunes playing on my iPOD and one great song after another kept coming on. These were the kind of songs that just make me want to snap my fingers, sing aloud at the top of my lungs, and put a little skip in my step. Don't worry... I did not make a spectacle of my self out on Katy Trail, but it got me to thinking... Man, I LOVE 90's music. Not just love, I mean grab your hairbrush microphone and bust out the Macarena love! ;) It was during this epiphany that I decided on a new blog post idea and thus Throwback Thursdays was born! Every Thursday, I will dig up a song from the previous decade so that we may all reminisce on the good ol' days. You know, those awkard middle school days of watching MTV Spring Break and Saved by the Bell and praying that your life would be THAT cool someday! ;) Yes, those were the days...sigh...

I'm kicking things off with the throwback that inspired this idea in the first place. Hope you're ready for this Jelly!

"Jellyhead" by Crush (1996)

Happy Throwback Thursday!


Dirty Dallas

I have a pretty heavy purse. There are many things that contribute to my purse's weight: my Blackberry, sunglasses, large wallet, coin purse, hand sanitizer, checkbook, an iPod occassionally and my trusty camera. Never leave home without your camera folks! Look at what I came across on my way to work this morning: Nice. This car was parked in my apartment complex parking lot this morning. Glad I have such classy neighbors! ;)

PS: I passed my PPR Test! I got a 293 out of 300!! That is approx 97.66%! Genius much!? I think so! ;) Someone give this woman a job for God's sake! Thanks.


Last Weekend of September

Well that was a pretty uneventful weekend. It was good to get caught up on a few things around the apt and relax for a change. Friday night, Mason and I went on a sushi date to Steel, then went home and made it an early night. Saturday morning, I had to wake up at the crack of dawn to take the PPR Exam (PPR stands for Pedagogy & Professional Responsibilities), it is a test that gives you a bunch of different scenarios as a teacher and you have to pick the best way of handling each situation. Pretty sure I passed, it was fairly easy. I should get my scores back sometime today, I think. It is my last test I have to take in order to be a teacher. Yay!

For the rest of the weekend, Mason watched football while I ran errands and finished decorating our apt for fall. Our home is now an Autumnal Wonderland! ;) Here are some pics of my decorating:
{I did end up going to Pottery Barn to rescue this little wax birdy and bring him home ;) }
{Likey my new pillows?? Got them on sale at Pier 1!}

Hope you all had a relaxing, last weekend of September!


How Fah-bulous!

Don't mean to toot my own horn, but I will... ;) Cee @ Curiosity bestowed upon me yet another award. This time she gave me the "Fabulous Blog" Award. Stop, I'm blushing...

In acceptance of this award I must tell you all 5 of my current obsessions. So, here goes...
1.) New Songs to Jam Out To. Ok so maybe they aren't the newest songs around, but my radio in my car is still broken, so they are new to me! :) These are the songs that I currently dance around to while getting ready:
*"She Wolf" by Shakira
*"Down" by Jay Sean ft. Lil' Wayne
*"Best I Ever Had" by Drake
*"We Made You" by Eminem
*"Empire State of Mind" by Jay Z ft. Alicia Keys

2.) Birds. Strange I know... but, last fall we went to a party in a suite at Hotel ZaZa and the theme of the room was "Raven". It was Alfred Hitchcock inspired and played homage to his classic 1963 film, "The Birds".
There were little bird statues placed all over the room, it was so neat and very Halloween. I am loving these candles from Pottery Barn right now.
PS: I am not a fan of real birds, only decorative ones... ;)

3.) More Fall Decor. I finally pulled out all of my fall decor a few days ago and found that I need more. My new apt has more room to decorate than my last apt did. I love these throw pillows from Z Gallerie, perfect for fall:

Mason thinks I am crazy to change our couch throw pillows seasonally, but if we are using them for September, October and November, then I think it is justified. That is 25% of the year. He just needs to let me be, this is a battle he won't win. ;) Oh, and how cute is this little apron from Crate and Barrel! Perfect for when I am baking my pumpkin bread!! :)

4.) Glee. Are you all watching this show? It is too cute! Last nights episode was the best one yet. You should really tune in if you haven't already.

5.) Skinny Jeans. I am on the prowl, trying to find some skinny-ish jeans that I can wear tucked into my new boots.

Anyway, so those are my 5 obsessions right now! ;) What are some of yours??


Go Ahead... You Deserve It! ;)

In times such as these, it seems that most of us are trying our very best to cut back on any unnecessary spending. I must pat myself on the back and say that I am doing pretty good on the whole limiting-my-shopping bit. This deal, however, is just too good to resist. Did you know that you can order magazine subscriptions online at amazon.com? Me neither, but you CAN and GUESS WHAT? Today, you can order a Full Year (read: 12 months) subscription to In Style Magazine for a mere $5! That's F-I-V-E dollars! No shipping costs either, just $5. TOTAL. I sometimes spend more than that at Taco Bell!! ;) This just made my afternoon. I LOVE In Style magazine but hardly ever splurge on it while at the grocery store, because one magazine is usually about $5, and well.. you may as well call me Frugal Francine. But today, I shall reward my frugal efforts with this purchase...and I am giving you all permission to treat yourselves too! ;)

Big Thanks to What's In My Head for unveiling todays deal of the day!

Later, Latte!

The fall weather outside is glorious! Right now, it is a brisk 69 degrees outside. Mmmm, makes me want to go home from work and break out my Northface Fleece... oh wait, I already have! ;) Anyway, to celebrate Texas' plunging temps I decided to journey to the local Starbucks next to my office building to partake in the Pumpkin Spice Latte mania. I had never had one, until today, but all of you bloggers have been raving about them for weeks now it seems. I must say... I was not a fan. I really, really wanted to like it, but, alas, I am just not a big coffee drinker, unless my coffee is heavily doused with flavored syrup, sugar, and whip cream to mask the bitter taste of coffee. It smells heavenly though... Perhaps I would like the Pumpkin Spice Frappuccino better... Have any of you all tried it? Is it sweeter? I just adore the Peppermint Mocha Frappucino during winter, so maybe I am more of a Frapp kind-of-a-gal! I'll have to test this theory... back to Starbucks tomorrow! ;) I hope you all are enjoying fall weather in your corners of the world as well!


You Win Some (Longhorns) and You Lose Some (Cowboys)!

Happy First Day of Fall! I'm so excited that it has officially arrived! Time to finally break out the fall decorations! :)

But first, a little weekend recap of my trip to Austin! Friday afternoon, Cameron and I arrived in Austin and headed to the airport to pick up Mason! Reunited and it feels so good... ;) We stayed at one of their friends from high school's house and their other friend Nathan brought over his new puppy, Callie! Isn't she just the most precious little pup!
Makes me want a little animal baby of my own! Not yet, though... still not ready for the responsibility quite yet... Anyway, Friday night we went to dinner at Iron Cactus on 6th Street for some yummy margs to kick start our weekend. We met up with lots of friends on West 6th and partied on down, into the night. Ha, not really... we were home by 12:30am, guess those margaritas did a little too much kick starting! ;) Oh and just look at the damage that the boys did having late night snacks! Thank God, I had no part in this! I swear, I didn't... I may havehadalittlejackintheboxlatenightthough... Shhh, don't tell! ;) Saturday afternoon, we headed out to Cain & Abel's on the Lake for a pre-game party that one of our college friend's was hosting! We had such a fun time and ended up staying there to watch the game. That's about 9 hours at one bar, if you're keeping count! Yikes! Don't worry, we paced ourselves and took cabs to get home. ;) Oh yes and did I mention that we WON!!! Take that TECH!!! Oh and USC lost this weekend too! Woohoo! Keep the W's coming Longhorns! ;)
{Lezlie, Kelti, Tara, Kendra and I at Abel's on the Lake}
{Lezlie, Kendra and I again...}{Me and Mase @ Abel's}
{Mason started to get annoyed with me after I made him take several pics in an effort to get a good sunset pic.}

Did you notice my new doo? I got my haircut last Thursday. I did want to get a little length cut off because my hair grows super fast, but she chopped off WAY more than I intended. Eh, oh well... guess I can save money on haircuts for awhile!

Well, that's about it for the weekend recap... Sunday night was spent watching the Emmy's and the Cowboys game. The boys are really starting to piss me off. They lost the last game in their old stadium (which we attended). They lost the first pre-season game in the new stadium and now they have lost the first regular season game again, in the new stadium. Way to go out and start off with a bang, Boys... oh well... atleast I have my Longhorns! Hook 'em!

Hope you all are enjoying your first day of fall by doing something fallish! As for me I'm cozied up in bed about to watch Gossip Girl and then the Rachel Zoe Project! Happy Monday Night! :)


Ima let you finish, but I'm the best blogger of the year! ;)

Haha, STOP, I know...I just couldn't resist one last jab at Kanye for the week! ;) Friday has finally arrived!! Yippee!! Cameron and I are driving to Austin later this afternoon and will pick Mason up at the Austin airport. After that, another football weekend adventure will commence. This weekend, we are playing the pesky Texas Tech Raiders. Last year, they pretty much cost us our shot at a National Championship. Now it's payback time! Let's go Longhorns!! Beat the Hell Outta Texas Tech!!! :)

On another note, I would like to thank Cee @ Curiosity for awarding me the Kreative Blogger Award! Yay! :) Here are the rules for my acceptance of this award...
1. Thank the person who nominated you for this award.
2. Copy the logo and place it on your blog.
3. Link to the person who nominated you for this award.
4. Name 7 things about yourself that people may not know.
5. Nominate 7 Kreativ Bloggers.
6. Post links to the 7 blogs you nominate.
7. Leave a comment on each of the blogs letting them know they've been nominated.

Here are some tidbits that you may not know about moi:

1. I've recently come to the conclusion, that my favorite food is mashed potatoes. Not baked potatoes, not scalloped ones, not even potato salad will do it for me, just mash those babies up and add a little butter and garlic salt and pass them my way.. Mmmmm :)

2. I know how to sign the alphabet in sign language. We were tought this handy skill back in 3rd grade, I think, and I still remember it. I am pretty good at it and I can do it really fast. Sometimes when I am listening to a song on the radio I will sign the first letter of each word while I am listening to it. Nerd alert, I know! ;)

3. I am OCD about two things in my apartment (1) I must insist that you use a coaster when setting a drink down on any surface. A lot of our furniture is real wood and I am deathly afraid of ring marks, I even make people use coasters on the glass coffee table because I HATE cleaning up said ring marks that condensating glasses leave behind. (2) My placemats on my kitchen table have to be straight at all times and the chairs at the table should be pushed in after we leave the table. I am CONSTANTLY straightening the placemats and pushing in the chairs. These two things drive me CRAZY! :)

4. Before Mason came along, I did not know any rap songs, aside from the ones that were on the pop, top 40-type radio stations. Now I am a g-h-e-t-t-o thug for life! I know all the latest rap jams, most of the slang and find myself recording shows on tv like Behind the Music: Lil' Wayne. Thanks Mase! ;)

5. Every time Mason buys a lottery ticket for the Mega Millions drawing, I seriously think know we are going to win. One of my favorite things to do in the car (after passing a Mega Millions billboard) is to daydream about how I will spend all of that money... sigh....

6. I LOVE Wheel of Fortune! I even tried out to be on the game show during college. I thought I was a shoe-in, for sure. I was the first one in my group to solve a puzzle and I know I scored well on the little puzzle quiz they gave us. But I didn't even make it past the first round of cuts! Maybe it had something to do with the fact that it was for the BIG 12 College-Edition of the show and I wore a cute little outfit while everyone else wore their school sweatshirts. I didn't get the school-spirit memo... PSH! Whatever, I was robbed!! Oh well, these days I get my kicks playing at home and you better believe that Mason and I are both members of the Wheel Watchers Club! ;)

7. I am a NAUI certified rescue-diver! I took two semesters of scubadiving in college to get that fancy little title. I really don't scubadive all that much though. Last time I went scubadiving was during Junior year of college, in Belize (we were there for one day during a cruise). It was so shady! Me and two girl friends went out in the middle of the ocean with these two random scuba instructor guys and they dumped all of these bloody fish in the water to "feed" the sharks before we got in, so that they wouldn't be hungry for us I suppose. So we literally went scubadiving among sharks! Probably the most extreme thing I've ever done (esp. since I have a slight fear of fish)! ;)
Amy, Lauren and Caroline - HOT Scuba certified babes!We swam with these nurse sharks!

Ok, so now it is my honor to pass this award on to the following "Kreative" Bloggers:

Allison @ A Little Bit of Everything
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Thanks again, Cee! Have a great weekend everybody!!! :)


If the shoe fits...

...BUY it! :) In the past few weeks, I have been trying to stock up on some new footwear for the fall (before I am a broke substitute)...and I must brag and tell you that I am the absolute Queen of finding good deals! Feast your eyes on my fashionable finds:

{I thought these would be cute for work! Price: $19.95}

{Please excuse my lack of a pedicure. I bought these to wear with casual fall outfits. Price: $7.50}

{Oooh lala, got these for church...haha only kidding! ;) For going out only of course! Price: $21.95}

{Love these! I have been searching high and low for a good pair of boots for fall! Cute enough to wear with a sweater dress but also can be worn with jeans tucked in!! Price: $32.99}

Grand Total: $82.39 for FOUR new pairs of shoes! :)

I just love a bargain! Don't you! ;)


Pumpkin Bread

I dropped Mason off at the airport yesterday afternoon. He is in Phoenix for the remainder of the week. :( I know I am being such a baby about it, but I am super bummed that he is gone. It probably has to do with the fact that I am STILL sick and wish he was at home so I can boss him around make him take care of me instead of having to do things like go to the grocery store and make my own dinner while I am feeling like crap! I am so ready for Friday to be here so that I can meet Mase in Austin and I'm also hoping that my cold will be gone by then! Anyway, yesterday evening after a long period of moping around the house, I decided to make my pumpkin bread recipe. It is probably one of my absolute favorite things to make! It tastes wonderful and makes our entire home smell delicious! I just love the end of the year...all of my favorite holidays in a row! Halloween is hands down my favorite though! I'm not sure why...maybe the decorations (cute little pumpkins and black cats), the color scheme (orange is my fav color, second to pink), dressing up in costumes, oh and I love the scary movies that start to play on tv!! I have been holding myself back from decorating our place for the fall, however. Mason says I can not decorate until it is officially fall, September 21. I am like a kid at Christmas being told that they have to wait to open their presents. That Mason, such a stickler... ;) Anyway, I plan to start decorating when we get back from Austin this weekend. In the meantime, however, I can bake as much pumpkin bread as my heart's content. I made two loaves last night. Oh the deliciousness... Here is the recipe so that you might indulge in this delictable fall treat yourself:
Pumpkin Bread

  • 3 cups all-purpose flour
  • 3 cups white sugar
  • 1 tsp. ground cinnamon
  • 1 tsp. ground nutmeg
  • 1 tsp. ground allspice
  • 1 1/2 tsp. salt
  • 2 tsp. baking soda
  • 1 cup veg. oil
  • 2/3 cup water
  • 4 eggs
  • 1 15 oz. canned pumpkin (I use Libby's canned pumpkin pie filling)
1.) Preheat oven to 350 degrees.
2.) Sift together all dry ingredients (flour, cinnamon, nutmeg, allspice, salt, baking soda).
3.) Combine all other ingredients (sugar, oil, water, eggs, pumpkin) and mix together slowly adding in the dry ingredients until just blended.
4.) Grease two 9x3 in. loaf pans and bake at 350 degrees for about 50-55 minutes.
5.) Let cool for about 30 mins before serving.
**Also, I like to wrap the bread in saran wrap and put it in the fridge overnight. I think this makes it more moist.

Enjoy! :)


XOXO to Monday Nights

It rained the entire weekend and has continued to rain today. A very fitting end to the miserable week I had. This week is a brand new one, however, and I am determined that it be better than last week. Our water heater finally got fixed last night so we can now take hot showers, wash dishes, do laundry, etc. Thank God! You do not realize how much you need hot water until you have to go without it for a few days! Mason has to go out of town for business this week Tuesday-Friday and I will definitely miss him, but it will allow me to be more productive around the house and then I am going to meet him in Austin on Friday! Yay!

Also, guess what show starts again tonight!?!?!?

GOSSIP GIRL!!! Yay! I am soo excited that all of my fav shows are starting to come back on! GG makes Mondays much more tolerable! ;) Hope you all are staying dry! Let's make this week a GREAT one!

XOXO!! :)


Lady Gaga is Wacky!

I'm laying in bed watching the MTV VMA Awards right now and there is just WAY too much good blogging material. Therefore, I have decided to whip out the laptop and rehash all of the good, the bad and the shocking moments of this years awards show.

First of all, I thought the MJ tribute was soooo great! The dancers were amazing and Janet Jackson is awesome for coming out and dancing to "Scream". Also, I thought Madonna looked fab!

Ugh, Russell Brand is hosting again this year?? He is AWFUL. He has the most obnoxious voice and the worst jokes. I thought for sure after his stab at hosting last year MTV would can him. Guess not..Ummmm, WTF Kanye?! I can not BELIEVE he just jumped on stage during Taylor Swift's acceptance for Best Female Video to say that Beyonce should have won! Sooo rude and so classless. How could you be so heartless, Kanye?? Perhaps he should sit out next years award show along with Mr. Brand...
Ummmm, double WTF to Lady Gaga?! I was kind of digging her performance at first. I mean if anyone's going on stage rocking only white panties, it'd be her. (Ha, and I guess that squashed any rumors about her being an hermaphrodite as well, right?). Anyway, her performance was going well, but then what was up with all the blood? And did she hang herself at the end?? Hmmm... not too sure about that one...
Bahahahahahahaha Triple WTF to Lady Gaga's outfit that she put on when she sat back down in the audience. Greatness!! {see below for picture}

Adam Brody is oh so very HOT! *sigh*
Yay! Can't wait for the new Twilight movie, New Moon, to come out!!

Beyonce is performing the "Single Ladies" dance. Yay! You better believe that I stopped it and rewound it several times to bust out my dance moves that I learned in hip hop class a few weeks ago... I've still got it! ;) Oh and Mase, "Where my ring at?" :)

YES!!! Bahahahahahahahaha! Lady Gaga won! She is going to make an acceptance speech wearing her absolutely ridiculous outfit!
Hmm, Pink decided to wear a hot pink pastie over one boob in an attempt to channel Lil' Kim I suppose... and it appears that if her career in music doesn't pan out she can always be an acrobat in the circus. She doesn't seem to be lip synching either. Now that's some talent!

Bahahahahhahaha Bahahahahahaha Bahahahahahaha!!!!! Lady Gaga is INSANE!!!
Aww, Beyonce is so classy! She let Taylor Swift finish making her acceptance speech that Kanye so rudely interrupted earlier! Kanye you suck!
Ok, folks, well that's a wrap! I must say that MTV made this rainy Sunday evening rather entertaining. Hope you all had a good weekend. Oh and by the way...this is my 100th post! Can you believe it!? Seems like only yesterday I entered the exciting world of blogging. I just might pour myself a glass of wine and cheers myself! ;) Ok, nighty night!



We Remember....

May God bless all of the souls that were lost on that tragic day...

{a tribute to 9/11}


Forget the Umbrella, Get Out the Golashes!

Today, I had a lovely post planned for you all. It was going to be full of rainbows, kittens and positive thoughts to make up for my debbie downer attitude this week. For one, I was going to share with you my recipe for pumpkin bread. It is quite delicious and such a fall treat! But, alas, I never got to write that post... and here is why....

I tried my hardest to wake up on the right side of the bed this morning, even though Mason has passed his sick-o germs onto me and now I too am battling a yucky cold. I really don't feel all that bad though and I was going to go into work regardless (my boss is out of town so I won't be passing on my germs to anyone in the office). Anyway, so this morning I make myself a tall glass of oj to boost the ol' immune system and I decide to make a nice, warm bowl of grits for breakfast. Wait a second? Why is the kitchen floor wet? *open pantry door (where our water heater is located - weird I know, but hey I didn't put it there..)* I discover that the water heater has decided to start leaking all over the place. We're talking a good inch or 2 of water in the pantry that is now seeping into the kitchen. Really??? Seriously?? COME ON!!! Oh, did I mention Mason's parents are coming in town this weekend and they have never seen our place! I had a full evening of dusting and washing to do in preparation of their arrival, but now I have bigger and wetter things to worry about! The only thing preventing me from losing it right now is the fact that at least we are renting our condo. So aside from things being a little slippery around here, we won't have to worry about footing the bill. Hallelujah! "3,2,1...1,2,3....what the heck is bothering me" - ha, remember that line from Family Matters when Carl keeps chanting that to prevent from having a nervous breakdown?? haha, good stuff... Anyway, so at least I won't be having to go into work for awhile. Just sitting at home waiting for the repair man. Once this crisis gets handled I'll get to work on that post about sunshine and gumdrops! ;)


Time to Get Out the Umbrella

Why is it that when it rains it pours? No, not pours. Monsoons! This week has been just plain awful...

  • Didn't get the teaching job. Great, back to square one.

  • Called one of the school districts I applied to substitute at to make sure they FINALLY have all of my information. Yes, they do. Now I can attend orientation on Nov. 4. Oh as in TWO MONTHS FROM NOW, Nov. 4th? Grrrreat. Sign me up!

  • Called the other school district I had applied to sub for to see what the status was. They had told me it'd prob take about 3 weeks to run my background check. It has now been 4 1/2 weeks. "Just be patient", they tell me, "we received over 500 sub applications". Grrrreat.

  • Then, I go to Region 10 yesterday evening to take a class called Effective Science Practices which I have to take for my Gen 4-8 certification. As class is starting, I overhear a few people talking about how there are practically NO subbing jobs to be had in any of the districts bc they have all been bombarded by wanna-be teachers trying to get in the biz or used-to-be teachers who have lost their jobs. Grrrreatttttttt! WTF am I supposed to do now? Keep my job? Quit my job? Jump off a bridge????

  • Then after class I drive about 20 mins out of my way to Hobby Lobby to buy some picture frames (Mason's parents are visiting our place for the first time ever this weekend and I am trying to snazzy the place up a bit). When I get there it is closed. It closed 10 mins ago. Grrreeaaattttttttttttttttttt.

  • My mom calls. She took one of our cats to the vet, because he has been losing weight and appears to be sick. Well he has a mass in his intestines and needs to be put to sleep this week. :(

  • Finally get home after a shitty day. Mason is as sick as a dog. I can't even vent to him about my horrid day, because he is too busy spewing germs all over our apt. And I can't take care of him bc I have class again tonight. Luckily, I don't feel sick at all. Yet. I'm sure it's just a matter of time though, bc that is just what kind of a week this is.

Today has GOT to be a better day than yesterday was. I mean COME ON!!!

PS: Just tried to upload a cute little picture of a man with an umbrella in the pouring rain to add to this post. AND IT WON'T WORK!!!! :(

PPS: Sorry for being such a Negative Nancy. Just had to get it out of my system. I'll try and be Positive Pamela by tomorrow! ;)


Labor Day Weekend

For Labor Day Weekend, Mason and I headed to where else but Austin, TX. Friday night, we went out on West 6th and had a fun time seeing old friends.{Me, Liz and Tara out on West 6th}

Saturday, was the first UT football game of the season!! Yay! We started out at Cain & Abel's on the Lake with some brunch and mimosa's. If you haven't been to this new establishment on Lake Austin yet, you are missing out. It offers all of the fun that Cain & Abel's on Campus does, but with beautiful Lake Austin as a scenic backdrop.

{Mase and I @ Abel's on the Lake}

The day started out pleasant and breezy....until we moseyed on over to campus to tailgate and then it became miserable! Cowboy boots and two pairs of socks (to prevent blisters) only made the heat more unbearable. Good thing I wore a white dress to mask the sweat! ;) Texas did not disappoint in our season opener against Louisiana Monroe (unlike a certain football team just north of the Red River...*cough* OU SUCKS *cough*). ;) Ha, sorry, couldn't resist. Anyway, after our victory we went down to Dirty 6th and had a rather festive evening celebrating our win and OU's loss! {Mason and Cameron and their high school friends}

We stayed in Austin and just bummed around until yesterday afternoon. It was a nice 4 day weekend for me and I am so very happy to only have to endure 4 more days until next weekend. Hope you all had a great LDW, as well! :)

Job Update

Well, the wait is finally over. The principal emailed me yesterday evening to let me know that they hired someone with more experience. Pretty sweet end to my Labor Day Weekend, wouldn't you say....? But seriously, it is probably for the best. Trying to begin my first year of teaching at a brand new school, after the school year had already started, in a city four hours away from where I live probably isn't the best way to start out my teaching career. So, I will continue on as a substitute teacher as originally planned and hope that something comes out of that. Hopefully, I will be able to start that soon. Just waiting for the two districts I applied at to finish up the background checks. Hope everyone else had a great Labor Day! Stay tuned for my weekend update later this morning!


No news is good news...right?

Tick tock, tick tock, that is the sound of the seconds ticking by and of me waiting.... I had my phone interview on Tuesday morning. It is now Thursday afternoon. Tick tock, tick tock... Every time my Blackberry blinks I think I will finally find out something. Tick tock, tick tock, but noooo. Tick tock, tick tock....puh-lease put me out of my misery!!!Since my interview I have heard nothing back from the principal. I would normally take this to mean that I did not get the job and that they decided not to tell me. However, I have been in contact with the 4th grade team leader all week and she hasn't heard anything either. So I take that to mean that they have not hired anyone yet. So, I am just sitting here. Clock watching. Trying to be patient. Waiting. But seriously, I am about to go crazy!!! I just want to know one way or the other so that I can plan accordingly. It is a brand new school though and I'm sure the principal has her hands full with a million other things. Supposedly they had a gas leak in the building earlier this week and had to evacuate everyone from the building. Yikes! So like I said, I'm sure her plate is full, and picking out a new 4th grade teacher might be lower on her list of priorities. So, anyway... I am just waiting it out.... hoping and praying to get a verdict very soon.
Too ease my mind I have been busy planning my outfits for my weekend trip to Austin for the first football game. Nothing like a little retail therapy to soothe the soul... ;) I'll let you know when I find out something. Hopefully sooner rather than later...


Today I Bit Off All My Nails

Ok, deeeeeep breath...... So here is the dealio... I maybe, just might, potentially get a teaching job! Mason's mom, who is a teacher in the Sugarland/Houston area, has been spreading the word in her neck of the woods that I am still desperate for interested in getting a teaching gig for this school year. Well... someone finally took the bait. There is a 4th grade social studies and science teaching job available at an elementary school in her district. I have been emailing back and forth with one of the other 4th grade teachers since Thursday about the job and last night the principal emailed me and told me she would call me today to schedule an interview. Yay!!!

THEN, guess what... I was getting ready for work this morning and she finally calls me and asks me if she can have an over the phone preliminary interview RIGHT NOW on speaker phone with one of the assistant principals listening on. Um what!? I thought I'd have a few days to prepare myself and perfect all of the reasons why I'd make the best teacher in the world. Um, no. So I agree to do the interview RIGHT THEN, because, I mean what else am I going to say... "um no, now is not a good time." Anywho, the interview was not a simple little "preliminary" interview. It was a full blown interview, not anything easy like "Why do you want to teach?" I definitely stumbled a little on answering a few of the questions. Overall, however, I think I did a decent job... and I would hope that they take into consideration that I was nervous and was asked to do a full-out interview with no head notice. We shall see though. She is supposed to be emailing me some of the school expectations and policies to look over, which seems hopeful, I mean it's not like she was all, "Don't call us, we'll call you..." So anyway, I am just on pins and needles right now waiting to hear back to see if they want to proceed with a second interview or what not.

Oh and did I tell you that she said ideally she'd like the 4th grade teacher in place by Thursday so that they could be there for the Open House! thursday? Thursday!? THURSDAY!?!?! OH SURE, NO PROBLEM! Ahhhhh! Anyway, so like I said, nothing is for certain yet. The district may very well already have someone in mind, but there is a small glimmer of hope that I maybe, just might, be a teacher this year. I shall keep you posted.

Oh and did I mention that the job is in Houston and I currently live in Dallas... Isn't my life fun?! :)