Poor Jess...

People magazine has reported that Tony Romo (Dallas Cowboy QB) broke up with Jessica Simpson last Thursday, the day before her 29th birthday!! Poor girl, I know that most people consider the Simpson clan somewhat of a joke, but I, for one, am a big fan! Jessica Simpson (and Ashlee) are from my hometown (Richardson, TX) and went to my rival high school, so I have always followed their careers and I was so glad when Jess started dating Tony bc the two were often seen out and about in Dallas! I also used to absolutely love, love, LOVE "Newlyweds" and was so upset when she and Nick ended up divorcing. Annnnnnd, I even portrayed Jess during skit night for my sorority during rush awhile back! Anyway, I feel bad for her and hope that she is able to move on and find new love!!


  1. That is sad. She's such a cutie, and noone deserves to be hurt. It must be especially hard when it's done, and the public finds out.
    You definitely favor her.

  2. I love Jessica! I hope it's not true about the break up :( x

  3. She isn't my favorite by any means but I don't think she is as bad as people say. For some reason she always seems to get the short end of the stick. Poor thing.