Another Wedding Weekend

I'm back... and once again, apologetic for my posting that is so few and far in between these days. I feel like all I can really focus on right now is the countdown to Summer. 27 more school days left, in case you were wondering! ;)

This weekend, Mason and I made a road trip to Houston to celebrate our friend's, Brian & Kendl who got married this past Saturday! Brian and Kendl both went to high school with Mase and asked Mason to be a groomsman, so we got to participate in all of the wedding festivities!

Here are some pics from the weekend:

Brian and Kendl's Rehearsal Dinner was "High School Sweethearts" themed. Complete with Prom pictures on the tables... nice. ;)
The Bride and Groom - Poor Kendl broke her foot two weeks before the wedding and had to hobble around on crutches at the R. Dinner - ugh, can you imagine!?
Mason with his Groomsmen GiftsMe and Mase
Hanging out at Rosenberg's finest watering hole, "Zee Bar"Pool SharksMase with Kendl & Brian (the wedding reception was held in a tent in Kendl's beautiful backyard)Me, Mason and Cameron

Best BudsAnyway, another fun weekend, but still a little exhausted from our travels. Ok, off to catch Glee and the new episode of The Hills, I'm purely tuning in these days just to see Heidi "Freak Show" Pratt! ;) Happy Tuesday!


Belated B-days & Pub Crawls

Ahh! Going crazy over here! One more week until my 6th graders take their math TAKS exam! Pressure is on to squeeze every last ounce of math info into their brains before next Tuesday, and this little teacher is worn out! I've been so busy that I even forgot my birthday! Ha, yeah right....that'd never happen! I did forgot my poor little blog's birthday though! On Saturday, "Pink Champagne" turned 1! YAY!
I have really enjoyed sharing my stories, memories and thoughts with all of you over the last year! I hope to get better with my blogging and be able to post more consistently in the future. Thanks to all of you who read and comment though! I am so glad to know all of you! :)

While my blog was busy turning 1 on Saturday, I was busy with friends attending the Pub Crawl for Cancer in Uptown Dallas. I blogged about participating in this last year and it was just as fun this year! This time, we rotated from Uptown Bar & Grill to Lotus, to Gingerman, to Christie's, then back to Gingerman... chugging our pitchers of beer as we went along! Ugh, I'm still full from all of the beer! All in the name of charity though... ;)

Here are some pics from our day:

Team Pic - Meet the "Slurrrricanes"! We were the only team who got creative and tie-died our t-shirts! Everyone else was jealous! :)
An artsy shot (compliments of Adrian):
Me and Mase:
Beating Cameron in the Bouncy Run Challenge:
Fun times! In other news, I met with my district's personnel department last Thursday and learned all about my upcoming salary and benefits for next school year. I officially sign my contract on June 8!! Yay! :) :) :) Hope your weekends were great and that your weeks are going good too! TTYL!


Moth - 1, Caroline's Nose - 0

Well, Mason is finally back from Vegas! Thank God! I am OVER the single girl lifestyle... buying my own drinks, hailing my own cabs, killing the bugs! Ugh! Sunday evening, I had just turned off all of the lights and was watching a little tv before going to bed, when I see a ginormous bug flying around the room. Right when I caught a glimpse of it and before I could do something about it, it flew into the fan, ricocheted off the fan and onto my head!! Then a full-on freak out ensued beginning with me throwing BOTH remote controls in the air (in an attempt to get the bug off of my head) and having them BOTH land on the bridge of my nose! It hurt SO BAD!!!! I thought I broke my nose. Then I started to cry, but whats the point!?!? No one there to comfort me. So instead I got up and took vengence on the moth. Oh, I didn't tell you it was just a moth? Well, it looked like a giant hornet in the shadows of the night! So I whacked it way hard into the wall and left it there for Mason to clean up! Hmph! Welcome home, honey! ;) I know, I know....sounds mean, but I was too busy deciding whether my nose was broken or not to scrape bug guts off of the wall... and when I called to whine to Mase he was drunk from his Sunday Funday at the pool....grrr! Anyway, he's back now, my own personal moth killer - every girl should have one! ;)


What A Blast!

This morning was a little bittersweet for us Dallasites! Texas Stadium, previous home to the Dallas Cowboys, was blown up, to make way for highway construction, and is no longer.

Cowboys Owner, Jerry Jones, built Dallas a fancy schmancy beast of a stadium last year, but Texas Stadium is such a historically place, where the Cowboys brought home all 5 of their Super Bowl wins. Lots of memories in that place....

When I was in high school, my dance team got to perform during half-time at one of the pre-season games at Texas Stadium!!

Also, Mason and I were lucky enough to get tickets to the last home game to be played in the stadium during Dec. 2008.

Good times!


Anyway, the weekend has been pretty good. Mason is in Vegas with his high school buddies for yet ANOTHER bachelor party! I feel like he is at a bachelor party just about every other weekend. And they aren't even coming back til tomorrow evening. So I've had to find ways to occupy my time...

Friday night, was girl's night out with Lezlie, Kelli, Casey and Lindsay as we did a little bar hopping around uptown!

Saturday, my best friend from high school, Greg, took me out to dinner for sushi, Yum! :) Then we went bar hopping with some of our high school friends.

I'm ready for Mase to get home but I do enjoy using all 4 pillows and sleeping diagonally across the bed! ;) And also coming home late night and making a giant pot of mac and cheese and eating it all by myself! As they say, when the cat's away.... :)

I want to give a big thanks to everyone for all of the "Congrats" and nice words about my job offer this week! I still can't really believe it... but really, ya'll are the best! :) Have a lovely Sunday!


YESSSSS!!!!!!!! :)


Today the principal emailed me and asked if I'd meet him in his office during 7th period today. Butterflies in my stomach as I waited to be called in. Would it be good news? Bad news?


It was GREAT news!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I got hired for next year!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


So much stress has been lifted off of my shoulders!!! Am I still on a shoestring budget until my teacher's salary kicks in, in August? Yes. But there is a light at the end of the tunnel, which is better than staring into the great unknown! And I will be able to fully relax this summer knowing that I have a job awaiting! :) :)

Only one catch. He told me that the only position officially open right now (our teachers haven't turned in their job contracts for next year yet) is a 7th grade Language Arts (Reading/Writing) job. The teacher is retiring. So he asked me if I would be interested in filling that position. Well I'm no dummie! A job is a job, I'll take it. He told me that he'd rather me be a math teacher, but as of right now this is the only job available. But he plans to do some "re-shuffling" (as he called it) once he finds out about more positions opening up and he hopes to put me in a math position. Whatever, I'll teach anything as long as I am in the door and the paychecks start rolling in! :)

Anyway, so that is my HUGE news of the day! I haven't even told Mason yet, because he won't answer his phone at work!!! Ahhh! I'm so glad that my master plan of becoming a teacher actually worked. I wasn't sure it would, what with all the competition these days to land a job! But I am So So happy it did! Wish it wasn't a school night so I could celebrate with some champagne! :) Yippee!!

*This is all pending the green light from HR, of course, but things should be just fine there, so I'll let you know when I am officially hired! Then the celebrating can really begin! :)


Hoppy Easter!

And we're back! It was a short trip to Tyler this weekend, but a very good one! Yesterday, Mason, my mom and I stopped in Canton, while in route to Tyler, and met my Aunt Laura to do a little shopping. It was Mason's first time to go to Canton! He did a pretty good job of walking around and shopping with three women for nearly 4 hours... very minimal complaining, I was so proud! ;)

It was a very successful trip, as well! My mom scored some chairs for her new kitchen table. I got two new dresses, an apron, a cute fridge magnet and a silver tray converted into a chalkboard that I am going to hang in the kitchen:
Probably shouldn't be spending much right now, but it felt great to shop after months of restriciting myself! I'll have to go back to being good for a while now, though.

Later that afternoon, while driving through Tyler, we saw the Easter Bunny....taking it easy before his big day:
Saturday evening, we went to El Charro's, an old mexican restaurant in Tyler that my family has been going to for years. Mason had never been there either, so we had to stop in to make for a complete trip to Tyler! :)

Today, we went to church and then had an Easter lunch at my aunts house. Ham, broccoli cheese casserole (yum, more broccoli ;), deviled eggs, etc... A splurge I know, back to veggies now that we are home!
Like my new Easter dress? It was one of my Canton purchases! Well, anyway, we are back in Dallas now, ready bracing ourselves for another week! 9 more weeks to go for me! Can I make it??

Hope your Easter weekend was a memorable one and that you were able to celebrate with loved ones! "Christ the Lord is Risen Again, Alleluia..."(my fav Easter song)! :)


A Good Friday Indeed...

Today was a not just a good friday, it was great. A much, much needed break. Mason and I both had the day off of work, so we were able to go out for drinks after work on Thursday and stay up late watching trash tv...one of our fav things to do! ;) Then, thanks to a rainy start to the day we were able to sleep in nice and late this morning. And best of all I got a fresh head of highlights today! Extra blonde for spring...yum! :)

Tomorrow morning, Mason, my mom and I are headed to Tyler to spend Easter weekend with my extended family! Yay! I'm glad to leave the Dallas city limits, if only for two days! I still haven't picked out my Easter frock yet, though. Might have to just go with something that I have. Hope that you have a wonderful Easter weekend!! :)

Hope the Easter Bunny leaves you something special! :)

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