Stars, Stripes and Stomach Aches

I'm baaaaaack! We had a pretty good time out on Lake Travis this 4th of July weekend. Nothing too crazy or exciting, but still a good time nonetheless. I kicked off my weekend by ruining my BRAND NEW VS swimsuit top in the washing machine that I had only worn once!! :( So sad... I really wanted to wear it this weekend. Luckily, VS still had it online so I bought a new top to replace the now tie-dyed one. I swear from now on I am washing every single clothing item separately! So anyway, we arrived in Austin on Friday morning and you would not believe how low the lake is right now:We literally had to hike down a million steps and then scale down the rocky cliff in order to get to the boat dock. Last summer, the water level was more than halfway up the staircase! Anyway, so once we got there we went to Carlos and Charlie's for some drinks and then back out on the boat for some water sports a tanning session. Then right when we got back to the dock this guy who is friend's with our friend who has the lake house (in other words, I don't know him at all) asks me to hand him his BRAND NEW Palm Treo out of the boat glove box. So of course when I try to hand it to him my arm hits the side of the boat and SPLASH!!! His BRAND NEW Palm Treo sinks to the bottom of the lake.... GREAT!! (Are you seeing a trend here?? I am not to be trusted around BRAND NEW items!!) So since the lake is so low I spend the next 30 minutes trying to scuba dive to the bottom and find it, not that it would matter since I'm sure it was already ruined, but I felt like I needed to do something... Anyway, so I never found it and then felt like he and his friends (who I have only known for like 2 hours at this point) hate me and are judging me for being a stupid, drunk girl (I wasn't even drunk when this happened, it was truly just an accident, but still...). Anyway, the rest of the weekend was pretty much drama free (at least on my part). We laid out on our floats, fished, ate (a lot), drank (a lot) and played with sparklers. Good 'ol fashioned Fourth of July fun....Then Saturday night I could not sleep at all because my stomach hurt soooo bad and Sunday I thought I was going to die bc I was in so much pain (and I'll spare you all the other gory details)! So first thing Monday morning, I went to the doctor and was diagnosed with gastroenteritis (a.k.a. stomach flu), so I stayed home from work on Monday and I'm just now starting to feel somewhat normal (thanks to lots of antibiotics). So that was my holiday weekend in a nutshell. I hope everyone else had a more healthful and less clumsy 4th then I did! ;)


  1. ugh!! I've been on antibiotics since this weekend too!! NO FUN! blahhhhh.

    :) Welcome back!!


  2. Glad you are feeling better! That sucks about your bathing suit and the phone! Was the guy mad? It reminds me of something that would happen to me...I once sat on these guys table at a party and broke it. It was really embaressing!

  3. I'm sorry Caroline! I know you had a frustrating weekend and must have felt bad about the phone. One time I broke a girl's camera when trying to hand it to her...in front of everyone.

    I hope you're not too sick anymore.

  4. Oh my! I'm glad you are feeling better. There is nothing worse on this Earth (at least to me) than the stomach flu! I seriously think I will die every time I get it.

    I've had a similar phone experience...last month I slammed a coworker's iphone into the hatch of her SUV. I was mortified!