Tweet Tweet

Ok, so I have finally given into the craze and am now on Twitter! I know, I know...kinda crazy! I don't even fully understand it yet, but I am working on it! :)

Anywho, if any of you fellow tweeters want to follow me, my twitter screen name (is that even what it's called?) is SwtCaroooline!

Are any of you all on Twitter?? Are there any interesting celebs worth following??

Happy Tuesday ya'll! Can you tell I am bored at work today???? :)

Here is my web address for my twitter account http://twitter.com/SwtCaroooline
maybe now it'll be easier for you tweeters to find me. Let me know if you still can't....
again, I am new at this!


  1. LOL!! :) you are so funny!

  2. I tried to find u but it doesn't bring up any results!

    Lady Gaga added me the other day :) x

  3. hmmm let us know what you think...I kinda have been trying to resist twitter but I feel it pulling me closer haha

  4. I Tweet also, but I am also still a little confused about the whole thing. I love DOOCE, so I'm a follower of not only her blog but of her tweets :)