2 Years!

Today, Mason and I are celebrating our 2 Year Anniversary! I am so lucky to be with someone who is so thoughtful and loving! Look at what he sent to my office this morning:
Such a sweetie!!
Here is a picture of us from when we first starting dating
(it was our first road trip to Austin together):We have already been through so much as a couple in our first two years together... A million roadtrips, a long distance relationship (for our first 9 months together), moving in together, the loss of friends and family members, weddings, new jobs, car wrecks, broke times and vacations! The past 730 days have been some of the best of my life and I look forward to celebrating many more anniversaries together! Love you Mase!!!


Easy Street...

Well today has been a pretty easy Monday.... I spent the morning looking at all 750 photographs taken at Caroline & Trey's wedding... that filled up a good hour of my morning...

Then, I went on a 2 hour lunch (didn't mean to be gone for that long but got lost on the way back-oops) with my mom at Hattie's in the Bishop Art's District...so yum!!! If you live near the Dallas area you must try this place out! So cute and such delicious food!
Then when I got back to the office my boss told me there was a high speed police chase going on in Dallas (it even went right by our office) and we watched it on tv for like an hour and a half. The bad guy ended up crashing BIG TIME a block away from my high school. Craziness! (The gray car is the one the police were chasing, and he ran a red light causing the maroon truck to T-Bone into him...idiot...) Hope you all are having a better Monday than this guy!! ;)

Only 3 more days of work until 4th of July Weekend!!! :)


What a day....

6-25-09 was a day of awful news...
First, I got to work and learned that the beautiful Miss Farrah Fawcett had lost her battle with cancer. The world has lost an icon who also happens to be a Texas Longhorn...
Then, I found out that my best friend Gregg, an officer in the Army, who has been in Iraq since January was injured when an IED went off. He fractured his heel and had shrapnel lodged in his foot. He was flown to Germany where they performed surgery to clean the wound and fix his heel. He was scheduled to come back to Dallas for his two week R&R break in the next week. I'm so glad that he was not hurt worse than he was and even more thankful that he will not have to go back to Iraq! Such a miracle!! He was injured in his first tour of Iraq in 2007, as well, when another IED road bombing blew up the vehicle that he and some other soldiers were patrolling in, he was lucky that time too, only injuring his thumb, but two of the soldiers in the vehicle died and another lost his leg. Gregg has been very lucky and I'm so glad he will never have to go to Iraq again!!
Finally, I was absolutely shocked to learn that Michael Jackson had died at the mere age of 50! He was such a legend and I am such a huge fan of his work. Mason and I always listened to MJ on road trips and I have seen the Michael Jackson cover band "Who's Bad" perform twice in the last year. Love him or hate him, no one can deny the profound influence he has had on the world. The King of Pop will be missed.... My fav Michael Jackson song is "Man in the Mirror" and fav Jackson 5 song is "One More Chance"!! But there are sooo many great ones!!!
What are your favorite MJ or Jackson 5 songs??


Coffee Table Books

Mason and I began living in sin became roomies in January of this year and since then I have been obsessed with making our little apt a comfy, trendy and inviting environment. Call it a small case of nesting if you will. I absolutely LOVE interior design, and even tried to major in it at UT but when I applied they only accepted like 50 freshman into the architecture program and I was not one of the lucky few (so I majored in business instead, blah)... Anyway, although I love decorating I am very, very picky about what I buy. It takes me months and months to pick out enough items to decorate a bookshelf or a mantle. I am finally almost finished with the living room, but still need something for the coffee table. It is long and narrow so it's hard to find things that will look good on it. Most trays are too large. So anyway, I am slowly gathering some stuff to put on the table. Yesterday I stumbled upon a Half Price Books close to my office and ventured in. I have been to HPB before but this one was AMAZING! They had the best selection I had ever seen! I was on a mission to find a few coffee table books to place on the table and I grabbed these two fab finds:
{I love this book. Andy Warhol paintings are so glam and the cover of this book goes so perfectly with the turquoise theme going on in my living room. }
{I love the Kennedy family too! And since the inspiration for my name came from none other than Caroline Kennedy herself, I thought this was definitely worthy of some coffee table action}

Finding a good coffee table book is more difficult than you may think. First you want your books to be somewhat interesting. The point of a CTB is to have your guests pick it up and thumb through it. Another very important aspect of a CTB is to pick one with an aesthetically pleasing cover that somewhat matches the other colors in the room (especially the one that is placed on top of the stack). Finally, if you are stacking a few books on top of one another you have to make sure that they are all similar sizes. Anyway, I wandered around for about an hour picking books of interest to me and then stacking them up to see how they looked together. I only walked away with two books, but don't worry, I'll be back... I have big plans for my coffee table and I'll be sure to post pics once my project is complete.


Well, tonight is the big finish in the College World Series! Texas is tied one to one against LSU for the National Title! I have literally watched every inning of the games this week, which is rare because typically I could care less about the sport of baseball. But if the Longhorns are involved and it's for the Championship then I'll root root root for the home team! :) I must say that I have been a little peeved at the CWS announcers on ESPN though. BOTH nights, ALL three announcers have been decked out in purple and gold attire... nice, real unbiased reporting. Oh well, guess TEXAS will just have to win over some more haters with another solid victory! Hook 'Em!!! Update on our new "pet": So Mason came home from work on Monday and really "took care of business". Instead of kicking the pesky crab to the curb he has been feeding him snacks and set up a little oasis for him. What's next?? Letting him sleep in bed with us?? Anyway, so it looks like Claude the Crab (yes, Mason named him too) is here to stay, for the meantime...but the first time he escapes and comes crawling across the floor towards me we may have a problem reminiscent of the scene in the Little Mermaid where Sebastian the crab stumbles into the kitchen and the cook goes biserk! ha, only kidding...sorta... ;) Can't we just get a kitty instead???


Shell Shocked!!

Just got home last night from our trip to South Padre. We had a fun time volunteering at the fishing tournament and also managed to get some relaxing time out by the pool and beach (Mason and I are sporting some nice burns though, OUCH!). Here are a few pics from our vacay: You will not BELIEVE what happened this morning though!!! During our trip, I found two really pretty sea shells and put them in my beach bag to bring home as decorations for the casa! So this morning I got them out of the bag and set them on a table that I have in my bedroom. I propped them up against one another so they wouldn't roll off. Anyway, so then I went to go put my makeup on for work and I hear one of the shells roll off the table and land on the floor. I'm like, well that's weird, so I go investigate... When I walk over I see the bigger shell lying on the ground and then it starts moving across the floor, because there is STILL A LIVE CRAB INSIDE OF IT!!!! Aghhhhhhhhhhh! I nearly had a heart attack! I immediately called Mason at work, panicking and pretty much begging him to come home and get this sea creature out of our house!! He tells me to pick it up (um, no), put it in a big bowl (eww) and then give it some water so that it won't die! Ha, are you kidding me!!! I am not trying to keep this thing as a pet!! Anyway, so in true girl fashion I put a large bowl upside down on top of it and then placed my heaviest pair of high heels on top of the bowl so that it is trapped underneath, and then Mason can do whatever he wants with his pet crab when he gets home! Sooo gross, but still kind of funny. Don't think I'll be bringing home any more shells from the beach ever again... I'll just buy the pretty ones from the souvenir shops from now on!


Gone Fishin'...

Tomorrow, bright and early, Mason, Cameron, Kelli and I are headed to the airport to catch a flight to South Padre Island, TX!! We go every summer to help out with the FINS Fishing Tournament benefitting the Ryan Gibson Foundation. The Ryan Gibson Foundation raises money to fund Leukemia research. So not only is this annual trip a much needed beach vacation, but it is for a good cause! We had an absolute blast last year, so I am hoping for a repeat! See you all next week when I am a tan beach babe! ;)

Bump Watch

No, I'm not talking about a bun in the oven! I'm talking about the latest hair contraption designed to give you the perfect voluminous coif! I had heard about the product called "Bumpit's" not too long ago and came across it yesterday evening at Walgreen's and just had to test it out! It is a little headband deal that you put underneath your hair to give it a little pouf. Well, it was worth every cent of the $9.99 that I paid for it because it provided me with hours of entertainment last night. I kept prancing around the living room showing off my latest do' for Mason to admire. The Bumpit kit comes with three different sized poof makers, small, medium and large... (the large one is a little much but would be good for a Halloween costume or something). Anyway, just wanted to share with you my latest beauty find! Here are some pics from a few of the hairstyles I was able to create: It was so much fun playing around with this gadget and since I have such fine and thin hair it is hard for me to get any sort of volume! Well, those days are no more thanks to the Bumpit!!
And as the saying goes in the South, "The higher the hair, the closer to God!" ;)



I will leave you all with one last juicy tidbit for the day. Just saw a clip of newlyweds, Heidi & Spencer Pratt being interviewed on the Today Show by Al Roker. Hahaha, I loved watching these two squirm! Al later twittered that "Heidi and Spencer are an interesting couple. famous for… being infamous. Bad and vacuous behavior. I think we’re at minute 11 of their 15.” Well said Roker... Enjoy!

Nerd Alert!

Ok, so for as long as I can remember I have been sporting some 80's style, jumbo sized headphones while rocking out to my CD Walkman CD Player iPOD. By no means at all have these earned me any cool points at the gym.
When I first got my iPOD, I tried to wear the complementary little white headphones that came with my iPOD mini, but they kept falling out of my ears and kind of hurt, so I continued to rock my nerd-o pair. Well, my old school headphones are finally at the end of their rope. The mesh ear covering is hanging on by a thread and I swear I get funny looks from people every time I run along Katy Trail. So it is finally time to throw in the towel and retire them.

Luckily I stopped by Best Buy during my lunch break today and purchased these beauts:

They may not be the sleekest in headphone apparatuses, but they sure are pretty! I can't wait to go for a jog with these babies... and apparently I am not the only nerd who likes to cover my entire ear while working on my fitness... check, check it out:

I'm in good company bc FERGALICIOUS likes them too!! ;)

So I Think I Can Dance...

Let me preface this post by letting you all know that I have CRAZY dreams... Seriously, sometimes I have no idea where I come up with the stuff I dream about. I have tons of nightmares too! Well, last night during my peaceful slumber I dreamt that I was a hopeful contestant of the show "So You Think You Can Dance" and the tryouts were being held in my old high school drill team dance studio... ha, sure Caroline... anyway, I was stressing out about my tryout solo, because the talent all around me was amazing. My solo that I had prepared was a hip-hop routine to Beyonce's "Crazy In Love" that I had actually learned (in real life) to perform during sorority rush. Anyway, the punch line of this story is that when I tried out the judges told me that I was the best dancer that they had seen that day and then wrote a giant "EXCELLENT" next to my name on the judging list. Haha, rrrright... Oh well... a girl can dream!

And now to display some real talent. Here are two of my all time favorite dances that have been performed on SYTYCD in prior years:

I apologize for the poor video quality, that's the best I could find on You Tube!


Guess who caught the bouquet...

I did!!!!! You know what that means Mason.... ;)Here are a few pictures from the rest of the weekend:

The girls and I at the Bridesmaid Luncheon held at the Junior League of Houston building
Mason and I at the Rehearsal Dinner at Sam Houston Race Park (horse races)! We won $8! Woohoo!
Posing in front of the track!
The Bride & Groom and their cake!
Absolutely beautiful reception seating!
Bridesmaid besties!!
Caroline and I at the wedding!
My love!
Such a great weekend filled with love, friendship and lots of wine!
Here's to a lifetime of happiness for Caroline & Trey...


Going to the Chapel of Love!

Mason and I have packed our bags and are heading down to Houston (our very first road trip in Mason's new ride) to celebrate our friend's Caroline and Trey's wedding weekend!!
Caroline and I met freshman year as Delta Gamma pledge sisters, and became great friends after realizing that we shared more than just a first name! We went on to live together (in a tiny and mostly pink room) in the sorority house during our Junior year of college.
Mason and Trey were both in the same fraternity (Alpha Tao Omega) at Texas as well, so the wedding will be a big reunion of sorts!!! AND I get to be a bridesmaid!!! YAY!! So excited! Maybe me walking down the aisle toward the alter with a boquet of flowers in my hands will put some ideas into Mason's head.. ;) I will post pictures from all of the festivities next week when I get back! Have a good weekend!!


Apparently US Weekly does not value my opinion very much because I found this
staring back at me upon opening my mailbox this afternoon. I would have much rather read a 5 page spread on Kendra Wilkinson's new bun in the oven!!! We're up to SEVEN weeks in a row now people... Sheesh!!!


NO freaking WAY!

Just reading up on my celeb gossip and you will not BELIEVE who is preggers!!!!!

That's right folks! The braniac, ex Girls Next Door breakout star, Kendra Wilkinson is going to have a baby! Yikes, this could be frightening! Maybe good 'ol Hef will be the baby's Godfather! Congrats go out to Kendra, Condolences to her future baby!

Lay off me I'm STARVING!!!

So far this week I have done a good an excellent job of eating healthily and working out every day! I can feel my ol' bod finally starting to come back. Woohoo!! Just in the nick of time since I'll need to be bikini ready by next weekend for my trip to South Padre! Another reason for my all-of-a-sudden motivation to lose a few lbs is that I am going to my *gulp* annual "girl" doctor appointment this afternoon. I don't get too freaked out by this trip, but the part I hate most is the annual weigh-in... I swear doctor's scales always automatically add 5-8 lbs to what you think you weigh! Last year I was in prime shape, so I'm hoping that the nurse checking me in doesn't judge me for letting myself go a little. In preparation for my weigh in I had an egg and some turkey for breakfast and plan to only eat a handful a can of almonds... But who am I kidding... What I really want is this:

I introduce you to Taco Bell's latest delicacy, the Chicken Burrito.. MMMmmm! This little treat packs a punch with savory grilled chicken, rice, cheese and creamy avocado ranch sauce! Delish and all for a reasonable price of 89 cents! I know, I'm disgusting... :) I may or may not treat myself to one of these after my trip to the doc, depending on how well the weigh-in goes.. ;)

I also wanted to update you on my newest swim purchase that I am anxiously awaiting the arrival of. I beat around the bush a little too long deciding which VS swim suit to buy and by the time I went to pick one all of the ones I had previously posted were long gone... So, I picked another one that caught my fancy:

I love the ruffles and the coral color. I got this same one except that my bottoms are coral and white polka dots instead of the solid coral color.

Anyway, with any luck I'll be chowing down on some TB in just a few short hours! ;)


It's All Right, Cuz' I'm Saved By the Bell!

Last night on "Late Night w/ Jimmy Fallon" (I didn't even know he had a talk show, I'm usually falling asleep watching Real Housewives re-runs at that time of night...) Mark Paul Gosselaar was interviewed, in full character, as the one and only Zack Morris! Oh how I miss the days of watching the Bayside gang pull pranks on Belding and solve all of life's major dilemmas over shakes at the Max! Anyway, thought this schtick was a great trip down memory lane, and I, for one, am all about a SBTB Reunion!!! :)

That New Car Smell...

Yay! Our car hunt is finally over!! Thank the Lord! Mason's boss knows a guy who owns a car dealership who gave him a pretty sweet deal on a barely used 2005 black Jeep Grand Cherokee!
Woohoo, no more tromping around town in the heat listening to car salesman BS!
Welcome home Big Black!! (still deciding on his name)

Hook ' Em!

Woohoo!! The TEXAS LONGHORNS are headed to OMAHA for the College World Series!!!
This will be the Longhorns 33rd appearance at the College World Series where they have won 6 National Titles! Hook 'Em Ya'll! :)


Too Old for Rollercoasters on Sundays!

I am struggling a little bit this morning due to my lack of rest this weekend. Here's a little glimpse into what we had going on over the weekend:
  • Friday night, Mason and I went to our favorite sushi restaurant in Dallas, Sushi Zushi (also where we went for our first date) since we haven't gone on an actual date in awhile. We had a quick dinner, however, because some restaurants think that because it is hot in Texas during the summer it is a good idea to combat this heat by blasting arctic temps out of their A/C. Burrrr, Check please! Afterwards, we met up with some friends at Black Friar for a few drinks, but left early because ...

  • Super-early on Saturday morning(trust me you were still sleeping), I headed up to St. Mark's to proctor the SAT exam where I was told that I was named the "hottest SAT proctor EVER!" by one of the students who took the exam in my class last month. Why thank you ;)

  • Once I arrived home I headed straight back to bed for a nice summer afternoon nap, until Mason told me I had to take him to go look at cars. Awesome... We headed out to a dealership where Mason had found a few used cars he wanted to take a look at. We really liked a Jeep Cherokee that we found that was nearly identical to his old one and was a perfect price. The only thing making it questionable was that it smelled kind of funny on the inside and the registration sticker said 2007 (I pointed both of these things out). Well, I might just need to sign up for a career as a detective because it turns out that the reason for the smell and the 2007 sticker was that the car was a "Hurricane Ike" car - probably meaning it was submerged in the Galveston flooding. Great... next...

  • Our Saturday evening was spent grilling and sipping margs poolside (though I could barely keep my eyes open). Then on Sunday morning, we headed out to Arlington for a trip to SIX FLAGS!!! We both hadn't been in a long time so we spent the day riding rollercoasters until we could barely walk. We only road the Texas Giant once though - that thing needs to go ahead and shut down (they are closing it down in 2010 to repair it for a year). It was so jerky it felt like I was being punched for the entire duration of the ride. Maybe we are just getting old though...

Anyway, hope you all had a fab weekend! Let's hope that this week sails on by!!!


Seriously, stop.

Dear Us Weekly:

As a loyal and dedicated subscriber to your magazine, I would like to thank you for many years of entertaining me with your up-to-the-minute celebrity gossip. Nothing gives me more joy than to find your magazine waiting in my mailbox every Thursday or Friday afternoon.

With that being said I would like to offer you just one small dose of criticism.

Yesterday, I received the 6th (yes SIXTH) consecutive magazine covering the marital woes of Jon and Kate Gosselin. That is over a month and a half of their bitter, cheating saga being your top news story! I think I speak for most when I say that NO ONE CARES!!!(and if they did, they have long been exhausted by the overkill of J&K+8 coverage) They obviously don't even care that much about it as they are continuing to co-exist for the sake of ratings and dollars! I feel like you are covering this scandal as if it were as imporant as the Brad, Angelina, and Jennifer love triangle! PSH!

I'm going to be patient this week, but next time - please don't even bother sending me your magazine if it has Kate and her awful haircut on the cover. I would appreciate your cooperation in this matter. Thank you for your thoughtful consideration! I know you'll do what's right... ;)


a J&K+8 h8r

Donut Day!

For all you girls and guys out there not counting your carbs, it is National Donut Day! Show up to a participating Dunkin' Donuts (with the purchase of a beverage) or a Krispy Kreme (no purchase necessary) for one FREE donut!! :)
FYI: National Donut day is celebrated on the first Friday in June. It was established in 1938 by the Chicago Salvation Army to raise money during the Great Depression!


Teeny Weeny Bikinis

It isn't officially summer until you have bought atleast one new swimsuit to prance around in. Now it is already June and I have yet to purchase one!! I really haven't been too excited by the selection available at any of the stores and most are WAY overpriced to justify their lack in cuteness... However, yesterday I received the Victoria Secret swim-sale catalogue! Yippee! Don't you just love when stores start running summer sales way before the season has even gotten underway... I DO! :) Anyway, below are a few of my favs that I am contemplating: (this one is prob my most fav, just bc it is different, I have too many triangle top bikinis already)

(so presh! Reminds me of the Little Mermaid!)
( Just cuz I love ruffles...)

(fun style and colors!)
Which one do you like the best??? I am torn!! Maybe I'll get them all! ;)