What a day....

6-25-09 was a day of awful news...
First, I got to work and learned that the beautiful Miss Farrah Fawcett had lost her battle with cancer. The world has lost an icon who also happens to be a Texas Longhorn...
Then, I found out that my best friend Gregg, an officer in the Army, who has been in Iraq since January was injured when an IED went off. He fractured his heel and had shrapnel lodged in his foot. He was flown to Germany where they performed surgery to clean the wound and fix his heel. He was scheduled to come back to Dallas for his two week R&R break in the next week. I'm so glad that he was not hurt worse than he was and even more thankful that he will not have to go back to Iraq! Such a miracle!! He was injured in his first tour of Iraq in 2007, as well, when another IED road bombing blew up the vehicle that he and some other soldiers were patrolling in, he was lucky that time too, only injuring his thumb, but two of the soldiers in the vehicle died and another lost his leg. Gregg has been very lucky and I'm so glad he will never have to go to Iraq again!!
Finally, I was absolutely shocked to learn that Michael Jackson had died at the mere age of 50! He was such a legend and I am such a huge fan of his work. Mason and I always listened to MJ on road trips and I have seen the Michael Jackson cover band "Who's Bad" perform twice in the last year. Love him or hate him, no one can deny the profound influence he has had on the world. The King of Pop will be missed.... My fav Michael Jackson song is "Man in the Mirror" and fav Jackson 5 song is "One More Chance"!! But there are sooo many great ones!!!
What are your favorite MJ or Jackson 5 songs??


  1. i was just listening to man in the mirror..good stuff.

    im sorry about your friend, gregg.

  2. That's awful about your friend, but it is good to hear that he gets to come home! My 19yr old nephew is over there and I pray for him everyday!
    My fave MJ song is Thriller...mainly for the dance :) Happy Monday!