Easy Street...

Well today has been a pretty easy Monday.... I spent the morning looking at all 750 photographs taken at Caroline & Trey's wedding... that filled up a good hour of my morning...

Then, I went on a 2 hour lunch (didn't mean to be gone for that long but got lost on the way back-oops) with my mom at Hattie's in the Bishop Art's District...so yum!!! If you live near the Dallas area you must try this place out! So cute and such delicious food!
Then when I got back to the office my boss told me there was a high speed police chase going on in Dallas (it even went right by our office) and we watched it on tv for like an hour and a half. The bad guy ended up crashing BIG TIME a block away from my high school. Craziness! (The gray car is the one the police were chasing, and he ran a red light causing the maroon truck to T-Bone into him...idiot...) Hope you all are having a better Monday than this guy!! ;)

Only 3 more days of work until 4th of July Weekend!!! :)


  1. That is a cute restaurant. ooh crazy crazy police chase! i hope the guy who was going through the green light didn't get hurt.

  2. Hey there! Sounds like you had a pretty nice Monday. Shamefully, I must admit tonight is the first night I ventured to your blog. I have been thinking about it for weeks, but always forget once I get to a computer. Absent minded me. However, I read the first post, then the next and the next... well I read them all. Good stuff! Remember me when you get your first book deal : )