It's All Right, Cuz' I'm Saved By the Bell!

Last night on "Late Night w/ Jimmy Fallon" (I didn't even know he had a talk show, I'm usually falling asleep watching Real Housewives re-runs at that time of night...) Mark Paul Gosselaar was interviewed, in full character, as the one and only Zack Morris! Oh how I miss the days of watching the Bayside gang pull pranks on Belding and solve all of life's major dilemmas over shakes at the Max! Anyway, thought this schtick was a great trip down memory lane, and I, for one, am all about a SBTB Reunion!!! :)

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  1. I just watched that with my brother and was thinking " I need to post that!!"
    Funny. I loved when he pulled out the "Zach Morris" phone.