Seriously, stop.

Dear Us Weekly:

As a loyal and dedicated subscriber to your magazine, I would like to thank you for many years of entertaining me with your up-to-the-minute celebrity gossip. Nothing gives me more joy than to find your magazine waiting in my mailbox every Thursday or Friday afternoon.

With that being said I would like to offer you just one small dose of criticism.

Yesterday, I received the 6th (yes SIXTH) consecutive magazine covering the marital woes of Jon and Kate Gosselin. That is over a month and a half of their bitter, cheating saga being your top news story! I think I speak for most when I say that NO ONE CARES!!!(and if they did, they have long been exhausted by the overkill of J&K+8 coverage) They obviously don't even care that much about it as they are continuing to co-exist for the sake of ratings and dollars! I feel like you are covering this scandal as if it were as imporant as the Brad, Angelina, and Jennifer love triangle! PSH!

I'm going to be patient this week, but next time - please don't even bother sending me your magazine if it has Kate and her awful haircut on the cover. I would appreciate your cooperation in this matter. Thank you for your thoughtful consideration! I know you'll do what's right... ;)


a J&K+8 h8r


  1. haha, i know that has gotten way too much coverage. i mean really. how sad is it that they are exploiting their pathetic marriage for a buck?

  2. Oh my gosh I totally agree! I got mine in the mail Thurs and the site of Kate's bikini clad body on the front cover is driving me nuts!

    My name is Valerie, and I live in Dallas too...just wanted to say hi! :)