Penis Straws!

Only 2 more weeks 'til Miss Caroline R. becomes an honest woman!! To celebrate the end of her single life as she knows it, we headed back to Austin to relive the glory of our college days, except this time we were equipped with Bachelorette sashes, poofy pink veils and (of course) penis straws!!

We had a lovely time lounging by the pool, having the Bachelorette model her new lingerie goodies for us and on Saturday night playing bachelorette party games around town in which we had to ask the male citizens of Austin just how endowed they were (amazingly enough every single guy in the ATX assured us that they were packing 7 in. or more...rrright..) It was so good to spend a fun-filled weekend with my favorite girls and also to get a little quality time with the bride before her big day!! I can't believe that it is just around the corner!!! Until then I'll be working on my bridesmaid aisle strut and practicing pushing people down so that I can catch the boquet! Better watch it girls... ;)

PS: If you are hoping to include the game "Pin the Macho on the Man" in your own Bachelorette party festivities, you might want to try and get your hands on one in advance. All of the novelty shops in Austin were sold out of this little jewel that I had hoped to include in the fun! :(

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