Shell Shocked!!

Just got home last night from our trip to South Padre. We had a fun time volunteering at the fishing tournament and also managed to get some relaxing time out by the pool and beach (Mason and I are sporting some nice burns though, OUCH!). Here are a few pics from our vacay: You will not BELIEVE what happened this morning though!!! During our trip, I found two really pretty sea shells and put them in my beach bag to bring home as decorations for the casa! So this morning I got them out of the bag and set them on a table that I have in my bedroom. I propped them up against one another so they wouldn't roll off. Anyway, so then I went to go put my makeup on for work and I hear one of the shells roll off the table and land on the floor. I'm like, well that's weird, so I go investigate... When I walk over I see the bigger shell lying on the ground and then it starts moving across the floor, because there is STILL A LIVE CRAB INSIDE OF IT!!!! Aghhhhhhhhhhh! I nearly had a heart attack! I immediately called Mason at work, panicking and pretty much begging him to come home and get this sea creature out of our house!! He tells me to pick it up (um, no), put it in a big bowl (eww) and then give it some water so that it won't die! Ha, are you kidding me!!! I am not trying to keep this thing as a pet!! Anyway, so in true girl fashion I put a large bowl upside down on top of it and then placed my heaviest pair of high heels on top of the bowl so that it is trapped underneath, and then Mason can do whatever he wants with his pet crab when he gets home! Sooo gross, but still kind of funny. Don't think I'll be bringing home any more shells from the beach ever again... I'll just buy the pretty ones from the souvenir shops from now on!


  1. oh my!! LOL!! definitely funny...yes let him deal with it :)


  2. That is toooo funny, not to mention exactly something that I would have done! Cute pics btw!