Lay off me I'm STARVING!!!

So far this week I have done a good an excellent job of eating healthily and working out every day! I can feel my ol' bod finally starting to come back. Woohoo!! Just in the nick of time since I'll need to be bikini ready by next weekend for my trip to South Padre! Another reason for my all-of-a-sudden motivation to lose a few lbs is that I am going to my *gulp* annual "girl" doctor appointment this afternoon. I don't get too freaked out by this trip, but the part I hate most is the annual weigh-in... I swear doctor's scales always automatically add 5-8 lbs to what you think you weigh! Last year I was in prime shape, so I'm hoping that the nurse checking me in doesn't judge me for letting myself go a little. In preparation for my weigh in I had an egg and some turkey for breakfast and plan to only eat a handful a can of almonds... But who am I kidding... What I really want is this:

I introduce you to Taco Bell's latest delicacy, the Chicken Burrito.. MMMmmm! This little treat packs a punch with savory grilled chicken, rice, cheese and creamy avocado ranch sauce! Delish and all for a reasonable price of 89 cents! I know, I'm disgusting... :) I may or may not treat myself to one of these after my trip to the doc, depending on how well the weigh-in goes.. ;)

I also wanted to update you on my newest swim purchase that I am anxiously awaiting the arrival of. I beat around the bush a little too long deciding which VS swim suit to buy and by the time I went to pick one all of the ones I had previously posted were long gone... So, I picked another one that caught my fancy:

I love the ruffles and the coral color. I got this same one except that my bottoms are coral and white polka dots instead of the solid coral color.

Anyway, with any luck I'll be chowing down on some TB in just a few short hours! ;)

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