Nerd Alert!

Ok, so for as long as I can remember I have been sporting some 80's style, jumbo sized headphones while rocking out to my CD Walkman CD Player iPOD. By no means at all have these earned me any cool points at the gym.
When I first got my iPOD, I tried to wear the complementary little white headphones that came with my iPOD mini, but they kept falling out of my ears and kind of hurt, so I continued to rock my nerd-o pair. Well, my old school headphones are finally at the end of their rope. The mesh ear covering is hanging on by a thread and I swear I get funny looks from people every time I run along Katy Trail. So it is finally time to throw in the towel and retire them.

Luckily I stopped by Best Buy during my lunch break today and purchased these beauts:

They may not be the sleekest in headphone apparatuses, but they sure are pretty! I can't wait to go for a jog with these babies... and apparently I am not the only nerd who likes to cover my entire ear while working on my fitness... check, check it out:

I'm in good company bc FERGALICIOUS likes them too!! ;)

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  1. Ok, i know exactly what you mean...really those earbuds are huge! i hate them. some ppl don't need those magnum-sized ear buds, and it's really inconvenient.