Going to the Chapel of Love!

Mason and I have packed our bags and are heading down to Houston (our very first road trip in Mason's new ride) to celebrate our friend's Caroline and Trey's wedding weekend!!
Caroline and I met freshman year as Delta Gamma pledge sisters, and became great friends after realizing that we shared more than just a first name! We went on to live together (in a tiny and mostly pink room) in the sorority house during our Junior year of college.
Mason and Trey were both in the same fraternity (Alpha Tao Omega) at Texas as well, so the wedding will be a big reunion of sorts!!! AND I get to be a bridesmaid!!! YAY!! So excited! Maybe me walking down the aisle toward the alter with a boquet of flowers in my hands will put some ideas into Mason's head.. ;) I will post pictures from all of the festivities next week when I get back! Have a good weekend!!


  1. Have a good time. I'm on maid of honor duty this week. I'm helping the bride plan out her wedding. It's been fun.

  2. I'M MARRIED!!!! :) Love, Caroline

  3. Oh yeah, and congrats on catching to bouquet!