Well, tonight is the big finish in the College World Series! Texas is tied one to one against LSU for the National Title! I have literally watched every inning of the games this week, which is rare because typically I could care less about the sport of baseball. But if the Longhorns are involved and it's for the Championship then I'll root root root for the home team! :) I must say that I have been a little peeved at the CWS announcers on ESPN though. BOTH nights, ALL three announcers have been decked out in purple and gold attire... nice, real unbiased reporting. Oh well, guess TEXAS will just have to win over some more haters with another solid victory! Hook 'Em!!! Update on our new "pet": So Mason came home from work on Monday and really "took care of business". Instead of kicking the pesky crab to the curb he has been feeding him snacks and set up a little oasis for him. What's next?? Letting him sleep in bed with us?? Anyway, so it looks like Claude the Crab (yes, Mason named him too) is here to stay, for the meantime...but the first time he escapes and comes crawling across the floor towards me we may have a problem reminiscent of the scene in the Little Mermaid where Sebastian the crab stumbles into the kitchen and the cook goes biserk! ha, only kidding...sorta... ;) Can't we just get a kitty instead???


  1. omg lol you are so cute! Claude the Crab... ok ...well..there is a ring to it lol :)

  2. Awww, I quit watching when y'all beat USM. :( Haha....I love the Sebastian scene!!