Too Old for Rollercoasters on Sundays!

I am struggling a little bit this morning due to my lack of rest this weekend. Here's a little glimpse into what we had going on over the weekend:
  • Friday night, Mason and I went to our favorite sushi restaurant in Dallas, Sushi Zushi (also where we went for our first date) since we haven't gone on an actual date in awhile. We had a quick dinner, however, because some restaurants think that because it is hot in Texas during the summer it is a good idea to combat this heat by blasting arctic temps out of their A/C. Burrrr, Check please! Afterwards, we met up with some friends at Black Friar for a few drinks, but left early because ...

  • Super-early on Saturday morning(trust me you were still sleeping), I headed up to St. Mark's to proctor the SAT exam where I was told that I was named the "hottest SAT proctor EVER!" by one of the students who took the exam in my class last month. Why thank you ;)

  • Once I arrived home I headed straight back to bed for a nice summer afternoon nap, until Mason told me I had to take him to go look at cars. Awesome... We headed out to a dealership where Mason had found a few used cars he wanted to take a look at. We really liked a Jeep Cherokee that we found that was nearly identical to his old one and was a perfect price. The only thing making it questionable was that it smelled kind of funny on the inside and the registration sticker said 2007 (I pointed both of these things out). Well, I might just need to sign up for a career as a detective because it turns out that the reason for the smell and the 2007 sticker was that the car was a "Hurricane Ike" car - probably meaning it was submerged in the Galveston flooding. Great... next...

  • Our Saturday evening was spent grilling and sipping margs poolside (though I could barely keep my eyes open). Then on Sunday morning, we headed out to Arlington for a trip to SIX FLAGS!!! We both hadn't been in a long time so we spent the day riding rollercoasters until we could barely walk. We only road the Texas Giant once though - that thing needs to go ahead and shut down (they are closing it down in 2010 to repair it for a year). It was so jerky it felt like I was being punched for the entire duration of the ride. Maybe we are just getting old though...

Anyway, hope you all had a fab weekend! Let's hope that this week sails on by!!!

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  1. How observant on the car! You two are the cutest couple.