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Mason and I began living in sin became roomies in January of this year and since then I have been obsessed with making our little apt a comfy, trendy and inviting environment. Call it a small case of nesting if you will. I absolutely LOVE interior design, and even tried to major in it at UT but when I applied they only accepted like 50 freshman into the architecture program and I was not one of the lucky few (so I majored in business instead, blah)... Anyway, although I love decorating I am very, very picky about what I buy. It takes me months and months to pick out enough items to decorate a bookshelf or a mantle. I am finally almost finished with the living room, but still need something for the coffee table. It is long and narrow so it's hard to find things that will look good on it. Most trays are too large. So anyway, I am slowly gathering some stuff to put on the table. Yesterday I stumbled upon a Half Price Books close to my office and ventured in. I have been to HPB before but this one was AMAZING! They had the best selection I had ever seen! I was on a mission to find a few coffee table books to place on the table and I grabbed these two fab finds:
{I love this book. Andy Warhol paintings are so glam and the cover of this book goes so perfectly with the turquoise theme going on in my living room. }
{I love the Kennedy family too! And since the inspiration for my name came from none other than Caroline Kennedy herself, I thought this was definitely worthy of some coffee table action}

Finding a good coffee table book is more difficult than you may think. First you want your books to be somewhat interesting. The point of a CTB is to have your guests pick it up and thumb through it. Another very important aspect of a CTB is to pick one with an aesthetically pleasing cover that somewhat matches the other colors in the room (especially the one that is placed on top of the stack). Finally, if you are stacking a few books on top of one another you have to make sure that they are all similar sizes. Anyway, I wandered around for about an hour picking books of interest to me and then stacking them up to see how they looked together. I only walked away with two books, but don't worry, I'll be back... I have big plans for my coffee table and I'll be sure to post pics once my project is complete.

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  1. i bet they are pretty books, and yeah i know what you mean about books. we went to some sort of second hand store and saw the prettiest encyclopedias to put on bookshelf to never look at. they don't make pretty ones anymore.