As of today, I have officially survived a quarter of a century. I always expected that I would feel way old when I finally reached this point in my life, but really, it feels pretty much the exact same... No new wrinkles, no gray hairs... I've still got it! ;)

Last night, I made Mason watch Sixteen Candles with me to "ring in" my 25th Bday! He had never seen it, nor had he even heard of it! I was like, "Are you kidding me!?!" and he's all, "I'm sure most people have never heard of this movie..." PSH!!! Boy is he wrong!!! It is a total birthday CLASSIC! Anyway, I sat him down and forced him to endure a little lesson in 80's pop culture - and he liked it! I LOVED it! I LOVE Jake Ryan! ;) And I LOVE this scene with the birthday cake on the table and the kiss! I just may make Mason re-enact it with me this evening, ha only kidding... (well, maybe... ;)
Anyway, this afternoon I am going to go to lunch with my friend Tara and the bossy. Then, this evening I am going to dinner with Mason and afterwards my mom and sister are coming over and I will open my b-day presents! Yay! Can't wait!!!

As promised, here are some pictures from my weekend celebration with friends:
Adrian brought me a bottle of bubbly to kick off the celebration!
She got me Pink Champagne! Very clever! And sweet! :)
Pretty ladies who came out for my bday!again, this time at Cretia's...
The only pic I took with Mason that night :(
I have the greatest group of friends! Thanks to: Mason, Cameron, Tara, Adrian, Brittany, Holly, JJ, John, Dustin, Lezlie, Michael, Kelli, Scott, Chad, Kendra, and Homer for coming out to celebrate with me this weekend!! :)
PS: Like this year's bday dress?? I got it at Urban! I thought it looked like a little bday cupcake with all the pink and purple ruffles! ;)


  1. Love the dress! It is the perfect choice to ring in 25! Glad you had a good time. :)

  2. Love the dress! You have a beautiful group of friends! My husband has never seen 16 Candles either....They were shelter children :)

  3. the dress is fabulous! i love it!
    you ladies all look so beautiful!

  4. Pink champagne! how creative!
    y'all look adorable. Your friends are very sweet to tyou