Slim Down By Summer Christmas

Mason and I made an agreement about a week ago that we were going to make a conscience effort to really start eating more healthily and work out on a more steady basis. It seems a little backwards to take on this challenge at the END of summer instead of at the beginning, but we're weird like that. Lately, we have been in somewhat of a rut, opting for dinner entrees that taste yummy instead of ones that are nutritious. Mase has this theory that if something is low in calories, then that means it is good for you. Every time he pulls out a box of his "Apple Dapples" cereal (the cheap version of Fruit Loops) for his late night snack, he insists that it is a healthy choice because it is less than 200 calories per bowl. Yes, Mason...200 calories of pure sugar...you might as well just pour a cup of maple syrup straight down your throat. ;) We actually don't do too bad on the weekdays. Where we really blow it is on the weekend. After a full week of grocery shopping and preparing breakfast, lunch and dinner for 5 straight days, we are lazy and often find ourselves ordering pizza or driving to pick up a few "snacks" from our local Jack in the Box (...hanging my head in shame..)! And don't even get me started on the garbage we consume on Sundays after a full weekend of drinking and being worthless. I'd probably lose 15 lbs if we eliminated Sundays from the week.
But all this is about to be put to an end. We made a pact to not eat fast food (with the exception of Subway) for the rest of the year - unless we are taking a road trip (because I mean come on, it's not like we are going to pack a bag of carrot sticks to eat while we travel). So far, so good. We are on day 3 and have both stuck to the plan. My stomach is feeling flatter already. I haven't done any working out yet this week, per se, but we're taking baby steps here, people! Just you wait... Mason and I will have the hottest bods around come Christmas! We'll see you at the hot tub! ;)


  1. That's great, Caroline! I'm working out next week, and I'm super pumped. It'll make you feel so much more confident when your clothes fit better. You already look great though!

  2. Good for you guys! :) It is always hard to keep this sort of healthy routine, especially with all of the temptations, but it is great to see you guys making an effort and joint pact! :)

  3. my fiance and have also have said from time to time we want to eat healthier and get into shape. just last night we both weighed ourselves and picked ideal weights we want to get to.
    i think it would be easier if we could do the steps to get into shape together. we have quite diff work schedules though.
    we both work out different though, he coaches tons of hockey, i go to the gym. i'm a vegetarian, he is a big meat eater.
    haha like you and mason, i tend to binge on the weekend.
    you two appear to already be in great shape!

    best of luck to you too!

  4. Love the cat pic! My hubs and I are the same way....shamefully, after not eating all day Tuesday I consumed a Sonic Extra-Long Cheese Coney AND onion rings! Yuck, I know, right! I've got to starting doing a little better. Thank God for my youth and a high metabolism or i/o 130 lbs I'd be 300 lbs :)