The Second Most Beautiful Color!

While we all know that pink is THE best color in town, I must say that Burnt Orange is a very close second! ;).... and now I will finally be able to stockpile my closet with even more burnt orange apparel because the University Co-op is now open for business in Dallas!!! :) This is such exciting news to me! Every single football season I scour the racks to try and find cute, new dresses and accesories to wear during game days. It is almost like a competition at the tailgates to see who can find the cutest and most creative ways to incorporate burnt orange into their wardrobe! It is also very hard to find the official longhorn shade of burnt orange... Many stores offer a similar substitute but once you hit the tailgate you may find that your "burnt orange" resembles "boomer sooner red" a little more so than you had intended, oh the shame...! Now I can find all the latest longhorn fashions (in the correct hue) right in the comfort of my own backyard! Just one more reason to be excited for football season!!! 11 more days 'til kickoff!!! Hook 'em! :)


  1. 11 more days :)Pink is THE best color :) hehe

  2. In the football world, you know we are mortal enemies :) I completely understand the whole tailgate competition....we do the same thing! Its like all the girls try to find something new and some new way to wear RED. Its a lot of fun!

  3. I'm loving the tailgate apparel! MSU girl here, so we're maroon and white.(Not quite as cute!) I know it must be fun planning your outfits.