Do Not Be Fooled...

... a meal replacement shake, does NOT replace a meal. I had one for lunch (because I was too lazy this morning to make and bring something from home) and am about to gnaw my arm off. I am officially hangry (hungry + angry)....

...and it is only 3:30pm. Grrrgrhghrgghrghgh (sorry, that was the rumble coming from my angry stomach)! ;)


  1. I've tried them before! no luck! try nuts :) almonds!

  2. That's so funny that you posted that. I'm going to a nurse practitioner Friday about some protein shakes. Apparently they curb your hunger and are prescription only. My dentist's assistant was super skinny, and she drank them. I inquired and am going to get them.

  3. lol, too funny!
    you need to eat food hun ;)
    bring some snacks to work that you could just munch on when hungry, healthy stuff.