"I'm Tired of Using Technology..."

...only kidding of course. Technology is great, once you figure it out. Yesterday, I finally took the plunge. I went to my local Sprint store and traded in this:
for this:
Oooooooo Awwwwww! This was a major moment for me. I have had my old phone for almost 3 entire years without losing it or breaking it. It has been trustworthy and reliable and has survived much abuse. I withstood the BlackBerry peer pressure for a long, long time, but finally gave in... and now I am hooked! Email, bbm, and brick breaker....what more could a girl ask for! I still have so much to learn about the BB world, but I already feel way more savvy than I did a day ago! ;)

Also, Time Warner was supposed to come to my apt yesterday to help me connect our laptop to our wireless network (I couldn't figure it out and had a few long and frustrating conversations with TWC technical help - with no results). Well my tech guy was a no show, but this morning I finally figured it out on my own! I am soo on a roll! Watch out Bill Gates!!! ;)


  1. I love my blackberry. I always feel that I MUST have my email everywhere I go now that I have it. It's great. :)

  2. Congrats on evolving to the BB world...I had to make that plunge two years ago due to work, and now I'm completely lost if it is not next to me every second of every day. That's bad, I know! It just makes life easier :)

  3. I have the Verizon BB curve with the pink case!!!! you will LOVEEEE IT!