One Man's Trash...

...is another man's treasure, or so was the case on Saturday afternoon. My mom called me early Saturday morn to see if I would be interested in going to a few estate sales with her in Highland Park. Though estate sales are fun to peruse (mainly because I am nosy and like checking out other people's houses), I didn't really feel like going because I am trying to save as much money as possible for when I am a broke substitute teacher....and it is torturous to go shopping when you don't have money! However, I decided I had nothing better to do that afternoon, so I told her I'd go...and before I left, Mason gave me a $100 to take just in case I found something I couldn't live without. Do I have the sweetest boyfriend in the world or what??

The first estate sale didn't really have too much to offer, so we moved on to the next. It was day 2 of the sale at the second house we went to and everything was 50% off. Score! First, I found a skinny, brown snake skin belt that goes perfectly with a new dress I got for my birthday (price:$3). Then, I found a lovely antique lamp that I couldn't live without. I have been searching high and low for a pale yellow lamp to match our pale yellow paisley bed spread. The lamp I found was huge - I thought it would be way too big at first but it really fits nicely on my bedroom dresser. The original price was $95, but with 50% off, the price was $47.50.
{our Pottery Barn bedspread}
I also found a really unique antique nightstand, but wasnt sure if it would fit in my living room, so I left without it. As soon as I got home though I decided that I really wanted it afterall, so we went back crossing our finger that it would still be there and it was!! Yay! It was also originally $95, but again, came to $47.50 with the discount. I was one happy girl with all of my new purchases! A vintage lamp, an antique night stand, and a super cute belt for $98!! What a deal!! I am so excited about the new pieces and thank you, thank you to Mason, who lovingly supports his girlfriend's shopping addiction!!! Love you!! :)