Birthday Dresses

Ever since I turned 21, I have endured the same battle each and every August... finding the perfect Birthday Dress!! You may think that this seems like a simple task, but I assure you, it is not. I live in Dallas, TX a large city with lots of fantastic shopping, however, come August, shops toss out their cute summer dresses and truck in the plaid jumpers and wool scarves for back-to-school season. Retailers just don't seem to undestand that summers in Texas can last well into October. Why not plan ahead and buy a cute dress in June or July, you ask...because that is just not how I roll! ;) If I buy a cute dress too far in advance I will inevitably end up wearing it for something else. Last August, I started shopping for my birthday dress a week before my birthday and I literally went to every single mall and every single boutique in all of Dallas and could not find one suitable dress to wear. I ended up buying something at the last minute that was ok, but def not my fav and certainly not worthy of a birthday dress. Anyway, this afternoon I am going to start my annual search for the perfect bday dress to ring in my 25th!! Hopefully, I'll be able to find something cute!! :) Here are some of my bday dresses from years past:{21st Birthday in Austin; dress from: BCBG}

{22nd Birthday in Austin; dress from: XXI ;) }

{23rd Birthday in Vegas; dress from: Cache}

{24th Birthday in Dallas; dress from: Ella Bleu - a boutique in Dallas}

{25th Birthday in Dallas; dress from: TBD}

I'll let you know how it goes, wish me luck! ;)


  1. good luck girly! i'm sure you will eventually find something adorable! :)

  2. Good luck!!! :) Your dress selections from previous years are gorgeous! I especially love the dress from your 22nd. :)

  3. Happy early bday! I want to see the dress. You look like Jessica Simpson in the last glam shot! Pretty Pretty!

  4. Good luck...can't wait to see what you find! all of your past choices have been great!