Are you ready for some....


Tonight is the kick-off for the Dallas Cowboys who play tonight in Oakland!!

While the start of football season is somewhat bitter sweet for me (sweet bc I enjoy watching Cowboy games and Texas Longhorn games, bitter bc Mason enjoys watching EVERY team's games), I am still excited bc it means that fall is quickly approaching! :)

Yay! Go Cowboys!!! Let's see how they fare this year without T.O. and Miss Simpson and with the addition of a new goliath-sized stadium (thanks Jerry ;)!


  1. LOL!! :) I am a Cali girl :) hehe ...have you seen T.O's reality show?

  2. enjoy the game girly!
    i'll probably be watching some entertaining reality tv ;) ha!

  3. Ahhh... I'll hold my tongue, 'cause us smart mouths up in New England hold true to our team and often like to harass a few southern teams, mainly the Cowboys. :) I hope they do well, though! In the spirit of good sportsmanship and all. :)

  4. Even as a strong Steeler girl, I was sad to see the Cowboys lose to Oakland last night! My boyfriend was angry about the loss - he's a big DC fan! I hope that last night isn't a preview of what the Cowboys' season is going to look like!